Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Days

Recently, we were all home for some days in the middle of the week for some snow days.  In South Georgia, snow days are few and far between, so we felt so luck to get two surprise days off in the middle of the week!  Cooper and I actually were dealing with what I think was a small stomach virus, so it was well timed for us to already be at home.  We spent the days in our pajamas and enjoying not having to go anywhere!

Cooper is my wild man - climbing on anything he can!

We actually did get a small amount of snow - you can see it on the roof of the house across the street.

Everyone was in a snuggle mood!  LL snuggled Cooper.

And she snuggled Lola.

Daddy snuggled Cooper.

I got some snuggles in when Cooper randomly fell asleep during play time (this never happens - I told you we both didn't feel well!)

We didn't do much, but we all enjoyed being "snowed in" together!


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