Monday, February 17, 2014

LL's 5th Birthday Party

For Lorelai's 4th birthday party last year, she wanted a gymnastics party.  It was way different than any other party that we've done, but we all really loved it.  This year, LL kept going back and forth between having another gymnastics party and having a Mrs. Margie (swim) party.  After going back and forth a ton, I made her make her final decision, and she choose a swim party at Tiny Bubbles.

Now that we've done two years of parties like this, I really can honestly say that I hope we never go back to how we did parties before (see her 3rd birthday party here).  Parties like this are just better for so many ways: the kids have a BLAST, parents usually have fun, too, it ends up being a good bit cheaper, and it is so much less work.  It really is the best idea.  

LL's actual birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, so we had to decide to do the party the weekend before (the 1st) or the weekend after (the 8th).  The weekend after was when the annual Father/Daughter Dance was being held, so we opted to go with the 1st.  

I was so happy to have Coop with us this year!  Last year, he stayed home with a babysitter because the party fell during his nap.  This year, he came and swam for a while before Gigi took him to her house for lunch and his nap.

The birthday girl is ready to swim!

This year, we had a great combination of kids that are personal friends and friends from school.  It was for sure the most kids that we've ever had at one of her parties - it was so much fun!  
Reese and Lily are friends from church who also are friends from gymnastics.

Ansley and LL have been having so much fun playing with each other lately.

Check out this stud.

The first thing LL did was head down the slide.

Luke is becoming a swim birthday party pro.

Coop had a blast in the pool with Daddy.

Kenzleigh is a friend from school.

Gigi was on Cooper patrol.

Kye has been to all of LL's birthday parties!

Ben had a blast!

Grammy made this cake for LL the night before the party.  I had a vision and she totally brought it to life!

Waiting for pizza!  Can you tell Luke is a teacher's kid??

Oma and Opa

Aunt Laura and Uncle Gino

Present time!  I love how Tiny Bubbles does presents.  They have a seat for the birthday child, and the put a bunch of seats around for all of the kids to watch.  This is so great because it keeps the kids from crowding around the birthday girl!  She also got a monogrammed towel from Tiny Bubbles - it's so cute!

Tiny Bubbles also wrote down all of the gifts for us, and loaded them in a wagon to take to the car.  I'm telling you - they made it so easy!

A shot of (most) of the guests.  Some had to leave already, so this was who was still here at the end of opening presents.
Kye, Ansley, Ben, Luke, Hannah, Lorelai, Kenzleigh, and Dawkins.

We really had such a fun time celebrating my sweet girl!  Thank you to Tiny Bubbles for such a wonderful experience, and thank you to all of our friends who made it an awesome day!


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