Friday, February 7, 2014

Outside Cousin Time

For the weekend of New Year's, Aunt Laura and Ben came down to visit.  We didn't get to see them for Christmas, so this was kind of a "catch-up" time.  Our family hasn't made a trip to Atlanta to see them since last New Year's (!!!), and we were going to go up this year, but it worked out great for them to come down since Cooper was still recovering from croup.

While they were here, the weather warmed up just enough for us to go outside and play for a little bit.  LL got a scooter for Christmas, and she was dying to try it out!  We had a cold and rainy Christmas, so we were all happy to get outside for a little bit.

Why not take a break to jump in some puddles?

Who can smile the biggest??

Silly face!

Cooper is just on the move constantly!

Trampoline time!

We didn't do much over their visit, but it was nice to have some company!  We are going to have to plan a trip there SOON!


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