Monday, April 25, 2011

First French Braid

The other night we were letting Lorelai watch Care Bears a little before bed (Yes, we're "those parents" who let our child watch TV!) and I was playing with LL's hair.  She is definitely her mother's child in that she loves for you to play with her hair or rub her.  She even asks for it often.  Her hair never looks as long as it really is because it's so curly.  I decided to try and french braid it.  It was for sure long enough!  I didn't braid it really tight {duh} and it was kind of falling out, but it was nice to know that it's an option for us when it comes to styling hair.  It was so cute!

 Don't you love my awesome "house clothes"?  :)



Tash said...

how cute!!

Recording Megow Adventures said...

I LOVE it like this,,,,I never did get around to learning how to french braid,,but my Neela is like LL and has thick, curly hair and loves to have it played in. I totally need to youtube it :) summer days are hot and she needs it up, and secure :) :)