Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Hair Horror Story

Don't we all have one of these?  I have several!  I'm still currently living one out right now, though.  Here's my story.

I graduated from college in May of 2007.  Here's what my hair looked like then.

After I got back from a post-graduation cruise and before my big girl job, I wanted to get it cut like this.  New job, new house, new beginnings, new hair.  I even took this picture in with me to get my hair cut.

Except that I got this instead.  Ummmm, thanks.  Totally not the same.  The girl completely butchered my hair.  Not only was it way too short, but it was totally uneven and horrible.  I came home and cried.  And continued to cry about it every day for a couple of weeks, and then off and on for months.

I knew immediately that I just wanted to grow it out.  But it got worse.  It went through this horrible mullet stage.  Totally not cute.

Finally in October, it was long enough for someone to try and fix it.  This is what I got. 

Not bad!  But I was so turned off by the idea of short hair, that I wasn't satisified.

By December, I was starting to not hate it so much.

For the next 7 or 8 months, it just grew and stayed in this "not short but not anything else" style.  Finally in August of 2009, I got it *really* cut for one last time before I made my committment to really grown it out.  Here's what it looked like.

My friend Sarah had cut her hair for locks of love several times.  It really inspired me and I decided that since I didn't want it short anymore, anyway, I might as well have a goal to work towards.  So that's what I've been doing for the last 20 months - growing my hair out for locks of love.  Here's where I'm at.

This is by far the longest that I've ever had it.  It also looks waaaay cuter when I actually style it as opposed to just straightening.  But that's what you get on a Monday of CRCT week.  It's totally long enough for me to donate right now, but I'd have to cut it SUPER short.  Not gonna happen.  So I'm still going to continue to grow it out for awhile.  Plus, I actually think that hair this long looks pretty good on me, so I want to keep it around awhile.  I think I'm going to grow it out until the end of the year and then cut it.  I'm for sure having to fight the urge to cut it, though.  Especially with summer right around the corner!

Matt always says that he loved it short.  I just think that it's just because he never looked at it that closely.  When it was first cut, it was disgusting.  Which style is your favorite? 



Stephanie said...

I feel you!! I had a similar situation, except my hair was cut even shorter than yours!! I like it long!

Layla said...

TOTALLY had a similar experience winter before last, which has me really scared of having my hair cut short again. Although I have to say, I really like your short cut once you got it fixed! But I definitely understand the hesitation...I think it will be a long time before I can cut mine short again.

Unknown said...

First...I think you look beautiful regardless of the hairstyle:) I donated my hair back in December, but instead of Locks of Love, I donated to Pantene Great Lengths. They make wigs for older women who have had cancer. Anyway....I loved the pictur of your hair when you were in the turquoise sweater, holding the cake. That was an adorable bob!

Anonymous said...

I donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful lengths last year and got a horribly short cut, I'm still getting over it :) but I love the picture when you were holding the cake, it looks close to the length you were going for in the first place! :)

Amanda said...

I love hair. I think I missed my calling. I am one of those daring people that will cut or color my hair any way the stylist wants to. My only request is to keep it long in the front. For some reason I feel like it makes my face thinner. I had a hair disaster when the combination of dying it blonde all last summer and my CHI, I now have accidental bangs. UGH.

Personally, I liked your hair in the 2nd pic. The one after your "butchered" hair picture. But then again, I wish I had the patience to grow my hair long so that I can just whip it back in a ponytail when I didn't feel like doing anything with it.

Recording Megow Adventures said...

I like it long!! I like long hair though,,I know it is weird b/c I have such short hair, but I do actually prefer my hair long,,,I just don't prioritize it enough to keep it brushed/styled/maintained!!