Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LL's Chick Pics!

Sunday Mrs. Becky and I drove to Tallahassee to get Lorelai's annual chick pics done.  Remember her pictures from last year?  Her appointment was at 2:00 so I was a little nervous about how she would do because she's usually sleeping at 2.  We left right at about 12:30 and she was asleep in the car by 1:05.  She didn't get a long nap, but it was better than nothing!  She really surprised me because she did FANTASTIC!  She did way better than I thought she would do!  I don't have any digital pictures, but for the next week you can go here:


and type "lorelai" in as the password and see them for yourselves! 

You can also check out Cindy's website here if you want to get some pictures done yourself!  Enjoy looking a adorable pictures of my baby girl!  :)

Here are just a few to tide you over:

Do you like LL's dress?  You can have one custom made for your little girl at Lorelia's Closet ETSY store!



Unknown said...

Wow!!! They are SOOO good!

Tiffany said...

A-DORABLE and what a great idea!~ My favorite is the one of her standing holding her dress up!