Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Strawberry Lovin' Girl!

Last week was my Spring Break, but because God has a sense of humor, it literally POURED every single day until Friday.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  So alll the fun stuff that I had planned for the entire week had to be post-poned until the weekend where we crammeditalltogether like crazy people.  Saturday morning we decided to head to the local strawberry patch to let LL pick some "strawbees!".  We also did this last year around this time, and she had a blast.  Grammy and Poppy went with us and here's a look at how things went: 

She also has some strawberry plants at Grammy and Pop's house that we got some fruit off of on Friday.

I love her expressions.  And her eyes.  And her hair bow.

Strawberry Patch Time!

Oh. my. goodness.  Doesn't she look SUPER long in this picture??

Love it.  :)

This video is super adorable.  You can hear her saying that she is picking "red, ripe strawbees!".

She loved finding ladybugs in the strawberry plants!  She kept telling me, "Find 'nother one lillybug, mommy!"

She ran and ran and ran and ran!

My favorite part of this video?  You can hear her tell me "Hey, honey!" and "Follow me!".  I LOVE my girl!

Such a good helper!

Love this.

Out of about the 50 or so pictures that Grammy and I took, guess how many were of just me and Matt.  Yeah.  One.

This is what I taught her to do when you ask her to "show me your model face".  Bahahaha.  I'm going to regret that one day.

                                              Chow time!

Still learning how to drink from a real water bottle.  She can't quite get that she shouldn't stick her tongue in.  :)

Tips for taking a 2 year old to the Strawberry Patch:
1 - wear tennis shoes
2 - dress your toddler in dark colored clothing because strawberry will get on EVERYTHING.  And it stains.
3 - bring a bottle of water.  If your child is like LL, they will want to eat a ton of "strawbees", but you'll want to wash them off first.
4 - take lots of pictures.  :)


Tiffany said...

What a fun trip! We had a great time at the strawberry patch too!

Emily said...

Thanks for the tips...hoping to hit it up sometime soon! I think we'll be going often as we LOVE strawberries too! :) And you KNOW I would totally wear flip flops and regret it!