Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kye's 2nd Birthday Party

Several weekends ago, LL's best little buddy, Kye, turned 2.  Of course we went - how could she miss her bff's part?!  Kye is quite obsessed with golf, so that was the theme of his party.  Emily did a fantastic job of decorating and going with the theme!  I was very impressed and everything looked great!  Here's a re-cap of the party:

Emily did so good in keeping everything tied in with the golf theme - even the food!

The centerpieces

LL LOVES raw carrots.  Random, huh?

There were really cute green golf hats for the kids to decorate!

The birthday boy!

How cute are they?!

Private lessons with the pros.  :)

How stinking cute does she look?

There were also golf cart rides for the kids!

Patiently waiting for his cupcake.

The party favors

Thanks for inviting us, Parker Family!  We had a blast!


Recording Megow Adventures said...

you got some AWESOME picture taking skills :)

Robyn said...

Thanks Crissy! They used to be waaaay better, but I haven't really stretched my wings with it in a long time!