Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Indoor Activites

The other day at Kelly's Korner, she did a post about indoor activities.  Her daughter, Harper, is just a few months older than LL, so I always love to see what those two are up to!  Sometimes I get some really awesome ideas to try out with LL.  In her post on indoor activities, she talked about letting Harper play with ice.  Basically, she put a towel down, put down two bowls (one with water and ice and one empty), gave Harper a slotted spoon, and let her got to town scooping ice from one bowl to the next. 

We decided to give this a try in our house.  I mean, it's free, I already have all the supplies, and clean up will be a breeze.  It is very hard to occupy Lorelai for any time longer than about 15 minutes.  I'm not lying when I tell you that she was doing this for almost 45 minutes!  She LOVED it!  We will for sure be doing this activity again! 

So proud of herself!

Taking a break to eat a few cubes.  :)

Since then, I've been doing some searching on the internet for some more activities to do inside.  These are really great for us on rainy days or for doing after dinner (when it's getting dark outside). 

Do you have any indoor activities for us to try?


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Emily said...

fun!!! i like easy and cheap so we'll be trying this! although I'm about 99% sure kye will ONLY be interested in eating them!!!