Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer - Week 4 of 12 (Monday - Wednesday)

Monday, June 14

Today definitely had it's ups and downs! I was in a pretty foul mood this morning and it must have rubbed off on Lorelai because she m.e.l.t.e.d when we got to swim. Hysterical crying from the minute we walked in when it wasn't even our turn. To get her swim diaper on her, I had to take her outside and get her to talk to me about the birds for her to calm down. That's her new word as of last week "bird". Today she even asked me her first question, "Where is it at?" She could hear the birds, but she couldn't see them! The question wasn't quite as clear as that, but I finally figured out what she was saying! Margie said LL is doing great at swim and is holding her breath for about 4 seconds right now. Yay, LL!

After swim we headed to the grocery store so I could pick up some things for our dinner with Zach, Emily, and Kye. Lorelai did so wonderful in the grocery store! While she rode in the buggy I let her have her lolli (lollipop) from swim and when she got done with that (she never eats the whole thing - she just sucks on them for a little bit) she ate her apple cinnamon rice cakes and was a happy camper!

When we got home I gave her some milk and let her watch Your Baby Can Read while I fixed her lunch. I made her some mac-n-cheese with a TON of veggies mixed in to hide them. We have been THE PICKIEST eater lately when it comes to veggies, so I try to think of as many ways as I can to sneak them in.

After lunch, she was mega tired so I just went ahead and put her in her crib. She was o-u-t within 5 minutes! That girl was down for the count by 11:30. She slept until right at 2 and daddy got home not long after that.

The Parker family arrived about 5:15 and we had an amazing dinner: teriyaki shrimp kabobs, baked potatoes, and teriyaki sauteed mixed veggies. It was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!

For dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries - one of my favorite and SO easy to make!

Right after dinner LL started getting SUPER fussy. It was right around 7 so I figured she was just tired or maybe having problems with teeth, but we realized that she had HORRIBLE diaper rash! Ugh! She must have eaten something very acidic because it came up so fast! The Parker's left and we got her in the bath and then in bed.

It had a rocky start and a crazy end, but it was a good day overall!

Tuesday, June 15

We had an awesome morning today! LL did not cry much before swim and even walked to Mrs. Margie by herself (while crying). I took a little video of her at swim today and you can definitely hear how unhappy she is about it! But she's still doing great! She also has been saying something new this morning: "good girl"! How awesome is that! It sounds more like "goo gurl" but that's what she saying! It's precious! Her vocabulary is, literally, growing by the day!

After swim we headed to the church to surprise Daddy for just a bit. We hung out until it was time to come home and get LL some milk and lunch. LL went down easily for her nap (sooo much better than it was before I started working with her this summer) and she woke up right as daddy was getting home from work. Once Daddy was home and settled, I headed out to the gym. I decided to do the bike today instead of the elliptical for my cardio and man! it was hard! But I did do 4 miles in 20 minutes. Not too bad!

When I got home my mom was here to see LL. She had been in Atlanta staying with my sister (and taking care of Ben) while Gino was out of town for a few days. She brought LL a lot of presents! A Minnie Mouse to go with her Mickey (which she LOVES), some Mary Jane Crocs, and two shirts. Everything is so cute! We all ate dinner together and afterwards, LL read her Doggie book to Gigi. Here's a video - so cute!

It was so wonderful because Lorelai was in a FANTASTIC mood all day! I love days like this!

Wednesday, June 16

I'm not going to lie - today was really not the best of days. To start off with, I wasn't feeling so great. It's one thing to take care of a toddler all by yourself at home when you don't feel good. It's another thing to have to take a toddler to swim lessons early in the morning when you don't feel good. I pushed through it, and we went to swim lessons anyway.

LL did look mega cute today. She wore one of the new shirts that Gigi just brought her and her Converses. I have noticed that they're getting a little small, so I'm trying to get a good bit of wear out of them before she outgrows them completely.

When we got home from swim, I started making LL some lunch. I thawed out some frozen mushroom sauce that I had previously added mushroom chunks and black olives to. After it thawed, I heated up some veggies that I already had in the refrigerator and smashed them up and added them to the sauce, too. Then I took some Gerber raviolis and cut them in half and added them and then mixed in a good handful of cheddar cheese. This is what we ended up with. Not too shabby!

My mistake was giving it to LL when it was still too hot and then she didn't want anything to do with it. I took it back and cooled it off, but when I gave it back to her, she grabbed her fork and threw it so hard that it hit the wall. Ummm...not cool. The naughty stick came out on that one! I finally convinced her to eat some, but it took FOR-EV-ER!

After lunch, I put her down for a nap, but she was not interested. She, instead, threw everything out of her crib and proceeded to run from one side of the crib to the other while screaming at the top of her lungs. Over. And over. For 45 minutes. When she finally went down, I ate a handful of chips and took a nap myself. Matt came home while we both were napping and got her when she woke up - so I was able to sleep until about 3:30.

Matt and I had been talking for a little bit about shaving Bono to help him stay cool during the summer, so we decided to tackle that this afternoon. During the shaving process, LL and I came inside to find some doggie ice cream in the freezer to give Bono while he was being shaved (Yes, we are *those* people). While I was digging for the ice cream, LL snuck in the freezer behind me and grabbed a package of pecans. This is the result of that. At least it gave Lola something to do!

When we headed back outside, I set the bubble machine up for LL. She LOVES this thing! She gets so excited every single time that we pull it out. We couldn't stay outside very long because it was SO hot, but she had a blast the little time that we were out there.

Bono doesn't look very professional, but at least he's a good bit cooler!

We fixed some dinner (I didn't eat - still feeling bad) and then Matt headed off to church. LL and I played and watched a little Paula Dean until bath and bed time. Not a great day, but it could have been worse. LL was just wired and a good bit more disobedient than I've ever seen her. But we made it through and tomorrow is a new day!

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