Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer - Week 2 of 12

Monday, May 31
Matt was off today because of Memorial Day (yay!) and we had a kind of exciting day planned. This was supposed to be LL's first day of swim, but somehow it never got brought to my attention that it was cancelled because of the holiday, so we showed up anyway! And there was nobody there! So since we were in town, we decided to run some errands until lunch time. We went to Home Depot to get some "For Sale By Owner" signs. We've decided to put our house up for sale for the summer just to see what will happen. We live 20 minutes from EVERYTHING (church, work, and town) so we just want to be closer to SOMETHING. We figured it definitely wouldn't sell if we didn't put a sign out, so we just would to see what happens. If it doesn't sell, it doesn't. If it does, great! So if you know anybody who wants a house close to Moody AFB with an acre of land, tell them to give us a call! We'll give them a great deal! :)

After Home Depot we killed some time in Kohl's and Target before headed to lunch at Cracker Barrell. LL LOVES Cracker Barrell, so it's always somewhere we know she'll like. Plus, they have awesomesauce highchairs. Always a plus.

We headed home after lunch and LL fell asleep in the car (so cute!). I wish I would have gotten a picture!

After LL's nap we headed over to Grammy and Pop's house to grill out for the holiday. We had steaks, broccoli, loaded mashed potatoes, and fresh tomatoes. SO GOOD! Grammy is like the best cook on the planet, so I always enjoy eating over there! We stayed through bath time and then headed home for bed. So fun!

Tuesday, June 1
LL's first official day of swim! She actually did pretty well! We got there crazy early (about 40 minutes) so that she could get used to where she was and watch some other kids go before her. I can tell that she's protesting it (she whines/cries alot during the lesson), but she's not hysterical and she hasn't puked, so those are good signs!

When we got home I figured that she would conk out after lunch for being so tired from swim, but n.o.p.e. I don't know what it was, but she had a HORRIBLE time going down. I put her in her crib awake (remember we're working on this? Just call me Mrs. Nazi Nap) and she was still awake (and fussing!) 45 minutes later. Normally I would just leave her, but I knew that she was EXHAUSTED from swim. Which means that I broke down and held her until she went to sleep. Bad mommy, I know.

When Matt got home, I headed out to the gym. The gym that he is a member of agreed to let me have a membership just for the summer (yay!), so June 1 was workout day #1 for me. I didn't do so bad for not having worked out for over 2 years. I did a mile and a half in 30 minutes on the elliptical. I don't think that's too shabby!

Gigi headed over after she got off work because she hadn't seen LL in over a week, too! Do you see a pattern here? Life revolves around LL! She brought a chicken with her so we ate Rotisserie chicken, broccoli and cheese, and leftover loaded mashed potatoes. Yum!

Wednesday, June 2
Today was pretty uneventful. We had swim in the morning, and LL cried when she saw Mrs. Margie - haha. Pretty expected behavior. I took a lot of pictures of LL at swim today! Hopefully next week I'll get a video.

We spent the rest of the day at home, but LL was SUPER fussy!! I mean, all the time, even if I just went to the bathroom. She didn't even want Matt when he got home. Not cool, but we survived!

Thursday, June 3
This morning Grammy met me at swim so that she could take LL after it was over so that I could go workout. Matt and I had plans to eat dinner over at Zach and Emily's, so I knew that I wouldn't have time to workout once Matt got home. LL showed out at swim for Grammy today! It was like she was saying, "Grammy, Mommy won't get me out, HELP ME!". It was hard for poor Grammy, but we all made it through!

After swim, LL left with Grammy and I got a short workout in. Grammy had to leave her house for a doctor's appointment by 10:20, so that's why I was in a rush. I got there just in time and took LL home for lunch and her nap. No issues at nap today - yay!

After nap we got ready and headed over to Zach and Emily's for dinner. We hadn't seen them in (exactly) and month and that was WAY too long! We just all get along so well and we always have a great time. Finally LL and Kye notice the the other one is there! This is the first time that they really played with each other. Kye even tried to share his snack with LL by putting it in her mouth for her. So funny! We had a great time and can't wait to have them over next!
His new favorite thing to do?
We got them started on dinner and then went to the kitchen to fix our plates and when I looked back I realized we had left them alone in the dining room on opposite ends. It was so funny looking!
Smoochy smoochy!

Friday, June 4
Gigi had the day off today because she and Poppy were going to FL to visit some family for the weekend, so they decided to stop by and see LL swim! Even though it was Friday, Matt wasn't off because he had a funeral to sing at. :(

After swim we went with Gigi and Poppy to eat breakfast at Denny's. I hadn't been to Denny's in FOREVER and it was really good. We also let LL sit in a booster seat instead of a highchair -she's definitely not ready for that yet!

Later that afternoon LL kept calling for her "Bop" (Matt's Dad - Pop) so we called to see if they wanted to come over for dinner. We had a great evening together as a family!

Loving Grammy and Key all at the same time. (Mikey Mouse)
There was also a HUGE first today! LL went pee pee in the potty! We were giving her some naked time and she held her privates and walked to the bathroom and started peeing! So I put her on the potty and she got some in! Woohoo!

Saturday, June 5
LL is officially 16 months old today! Crazy! Today was a pretty busy day for us. We dropped LL off at Grammy and Pop's first thing in the morning, and then Matt and I headed out to the gym. It was the first time we have worked out together since I joined and we had a really great time!

Ready to go to Grammy and Pop's!

After the gym we headed home to hurry up and get ready for a Fellowship for all the music people at church. We weren't taking LL to this because the time was from 11 - 2 which is EXACTLY LL's nap time. That's why she spent the day with Grammy and Pop.

After the fellowship was over, we headed straight home to start cleaning. There was just a lot of spring cleaning that we needed to catch up on in our house and it was the perfect opportunity to catch up on it while LL was at Grammy and Pop's.

Grammy did a great job of taking pictures of LL's day at their house for me! Here they are:
"walking" Sunny
The best picture of LL and Bop EVER!
Working hard in the yard

All that work gets you ready to do some swimming!

Getting some fresh peaches

After our cleaning was done, we met up with Grammy, Pop and LL at Catfish One to eat and then for us to get LL back. It was a busy, but great day!
Giving the potty another go!

Sunday, June 6
Sunday was a pretty uneventful day for us. We had church in the morning, we were home together for just a little bit in the afternoon (all napping - haha) and then LL and I went to Praise Team practice in the evening. I was planning on staying for service after practice, but I had a horribly bad headache so I headed home.

Fussy Face
Look at all those curls!

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Emily said...

wow! hey they are long but they keep you updated so it works!
1. your home photographs beautifully! any lookers?? If you want to talk to our agents I can give you the number!
2. didn't know about the cracker barrel high chairs...need to check 'em out :)
3. super impressed with your workout routine and how well you're sticking to it...i couldn't do it for sure!
4. I LOVE that LL and Kye play now!!!!! it's sooo cute :)
5. I cannot BELIEVE we haven't discussed (or at least texted) about this LL potty thing...I need more details on this pronto!
6. LOVE the overalls...too cute!!!!! Makes me wanna get Kye a pair for real!