Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Matt's Birthday Weekend

My dad and Mrs. Connie came in town the weekend of Matt's birthday. They came in town for two reasons 1 - it was Matt's birthday and 2 - We were having a huge 60th bash for Matt's Mom (her birthday is 3 days before Matt's). The bummer of the whole situation is that the morning of Matt's birthday, his dad was rushed to the hospital for some pretty scary symptoms. Looooong story short, the party was cancelled and it wasn't the best weekend. We did try to make the best of it, though.

We went out to dinner Friday night to 41 Feed Store, and Zach, Emily, and Kye got to come along, too! We've been raving about 41 Feed Store for forever, so it was nice to show it off to some people and see how much they liked it, too. Poor Kye was in a mega-bad mood, and I think Emily was pretty stressed/embarrassed, but we all completely understood and did what we needed to to make it a good dinner. At one point, my dad even took Kye outside so that Emily and Zach could eat!

Saturday morning I got a big box from diapers.com (their deals are great, shipping is free on orders over $50, and it arrives in 2 days!) and Opa and Lorelai spent the morning playing in the empty boxes. Such a fun kid thing to do! And I know that Opa loved it, as well!

We also went on a "field trip" to the Strawberry Patch that is on Bemiss. We've wanted to go for several years, but we never have. LL LOVES strawberries, so we thought it would be fun to pick our own. We got a whole huge gallon's worth for $7. The strawberries were HUGE and delicious and I know that we'll go back next year, for sure!

Dad and Mrs. Connie left on Sunday to go back to Flowery Branch and we had our normal crazy Sunday as usual. It was a pretty stressful weekend with Matt's dad in the hospital, and not a great time to have a birthday, but we still enjoyed our time with Oma and Opa!

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Emily said...

Do you like diapers.com? Are they cheaper than other stores in town? I always see coupons for them but never have looked into it! Sorry again about Kye on Matts bday...30 just wasn't a good birthday!!! Maybe it's something with the age haha! I'm so thankful for friends like you guys that understand when a child is being ugly!!! Love the last pic of you guys, super cute!