Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Year in Pictures (2009)

I've seen sooo many other people do this, but when I sat down to do it about a week ago, I kept picking too many pictures and it was taking forever.  But then I saw Emily's post and I liked how she picked one picture from each month.  Even though it's hard to pick just one, that was way better than picking the millions of pictures like I was before.  So, thanks Emily, I'm stealing your idea!

January - Ready to pop!

February - Lorelai Rebecca Mullican is here!

March - Our Newborn photoshoot

April - Celebrating Daddy's Birthday

May - Rocking out our shades at church!

June - A shower for Meatball!

July - Celebrating the 4th!

August - Meeting Benjamin!


October - Lorelai's first tooth is visable!

November - Vacation to the Mountains

December - Picking out Lorelais' first Christmas tree!

1 comment:

Emily said...

it's so funny, we're always stealing each others ideas haha zach laughs at us for that a lot! I LOVE the one of you and her (the newborn pic) i don't think i'd seen it cute!!!