Wednesday, January 20, 2010

11 Months!

Oh my goodness!  I can't believe that we are this close to a year!  The next time that I do one of these posts, I will have a toddler!  I never imagined that time could go by this quickly and I'm starting to wonder more and more where my baby has gone.  I've been really torn lately, on one hand, I'm really loving the stage that Lorelai is in and I think she is the most precious thing in the world.  But on the other hand, I miss my little chunky baby that couldn't move anywhere and had a gummy smile.  She is just the best thing that has ever happened to me, and more than anything, I'm just sad to see time passing so quickly!

Let's see what she's been up to the past month:

1- Solid Food.  Well, we are officially off of baby food!  Lorelai is completely on table food now and she is doing beautifully!  She is such an amazing eater and her appetite is definitely back from being sick for all of those weeks.  Right now, she is really loving asparagus, strawberries, string cheese, oatmeal, raisins and prunes.  Awesome!  I actually tried the prunes the other day and surprised myself by liking them!  I couldn't ask for her to be a better eater.  Here's a video of breakfast one morning.

2- Eating habits.  Even though she's a wonderful eater, Lorelai is really in a weird "eating phase" right now.  Her newest thing - she puts food in her mouth, chews it up, and then spits it back out!  It is so annoying!  It's like she's getting all of the flavor out and then she doesn't want it anymore!  I mean, she's doing this alllll the time!  I honestly don't know what to do about it, though.  She's not spitting it out in a playful or ugly way, she just more of opens her mouth and lets it drop out.  Gross, but I'm hoping if we ignore it that it will just go away soon.

3- Sleeping.  Well, again, this has changed alot since last month.  One thing that is the same, though, is that she still doesn't take her paci at night.  So we still never get up to give it to her.  The differences are that we started giving her a dream feed again and she has dropped her middle of the night feeding.  Which is awesome!  I would much prefer it this way!  She eats 6 oz right before bed, 4 oz around 9:30 or 10 for her dream feed, and then we don't see her again until the morning.  It is wonderful!  We haven't fed her in the middle of the night for about a week and a half now.  Woohoo!

4- Standing.  She's still doing great with this!  She's getting better, actually.  She does this alllll the time now, and for longer and longer. 

5- Walking.  She's not doing this on her own, yet, but she's getting closer.  Now she'll walk towards you (instead of the same direction as you) if you are holding her hands.  Actually, she walked around the living room with me today only holding on to one of my hands.  I think it won't be long!

6- Talking.  She sure has gotten a lot more vocal in the past month!  Here are all of the words that she can say now: momma, dadda, Lola, uh-oh, wow, woah, Bob, and Poppy.  We think that she got "Bob" off of Veggi Tales and she says it more than anything else.  We decided to name one of her monkeys Bob just so she'd actually be talking about someone.  It's really cute.

7- Teeth.  Our official count is up to 4 now!  The two in the middle on the top are barely poking through, but they are there!  They actually came in a day apart - which I wasn't prepared for!  I didn't even realize that the other one had come through - Grammy is the one that noticed it!  Maybe we won't get anymore for awhile now.

8 - Waving.  I love this new development!  She will now wave "bye-bye" to people.  Well, technically, I guess she waves hello, too, but you have to say "bye-bye" for her to wave at you.  Either way, it's still really cute!  Here's a video from Christmas that shows her waving and saying "Bob".

9- Holding my legs.  I really like this one!  She loves to crawl over to me and pull herself up to standing.  It's so cute!  She'll stand inbetween my legs with one arm around each leg and she won't let go!  I really, really love it and hope that she keeps doing it.

10- Dancing.  This girl can bust a move!  She LOVES to dance and will just hold on to her Laugh and Learn Table and dance and dance and dance!  Mega cute!  We tell her all the time, "You've got a beat in your body and you just have to get it out!"  Here's a video of her crazy dancing!

11- Reading.  This girl loves her books!  I think that she's going to be just like her mommy, because she will sit and "read" her books by herself all day long!  This really is one of her favorite things.

12- Eyes are still blue!


Emily said...

the first two pictures are BEAUTIFUL! and you totally freaked me out with the "toddler" word. SO crazy how old they are getting!!! I think little LL may walk before the 1st birthday!!! I hope so that'd be so cute :) I'm so glad she's sleeping better and glad to hear about all 4 exciting! I'm also lucky b/c I got to see her get her groove on in person! :) Oh also I love how every month you mention that her eyes are still blue, it's so cute how excited you are that they stay that way! they are SUCH a pretty color!!! have you entered her in the regis and kelly??? you SO should!!!

Robyn said...

I don't know about the walking thing. My gut tells me that she'll wait until after her birthday! I keep trying to enter her in that contest, but they keep telling me that my picture is too small. !?! I don't know how to fix it!