Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Goals

I really want to set some for-real goals for this year and try my hardest to keep them.  Some of them might be "big deals", but some might not - but this is what I want to accomplish this year!

1-Keep up with blogging.  I want to make sure that I keep this as a priority in my life because I feel that it is an even better way of keeping up with our lives than scrapbooking.  In fact, I've decided to do this instead of scrapbooking because it's much more in detail, cheaper, and I can get it printed in book format and we essentially have the same thing - minus the pretty paper and all the stickers.

2- Stick to our budget.  I want Matt and I to be much more budget concious than we have been in previous years.  I want us to be way more strict with our money and more mindful of the things that we spend it on.  I want to be totally hardcore about this!

3- Be a better wife.  I know that this is crazy broad, but I feel like a lot of times I let my "mommy role" come before my "wife role".  Now that LL is getting older, I want to make sure that I keep my priorities in order - God, Matt, Lorelai.

4- I want to read the entire bible from cover to cover this year.  As sad as this is, I have never done that.  Not in order straight through.  I sure can read the entire Harry Potter series all the way through, or all of the Nicholas Sparks, so how in the world can I have an excuse about the Bible?  I think that it's way messed up that I haven't done that, and I really think that I need to make that happen this year.  I mean, really, to read one book in a year?  It should be a piece of cake!

5- Start Christmas shopping by the summer at the latest.  I know this may seem silly, but we ALWAYS wait until the last minute and I think that is horrible.  We would be so much happier (financially and emotionally) if we did it all year long!  In fact, I've already started a list of gift ideas as I come up with them so that I won't forget.  This is a big deal to me!

6- Be the best mom that I can be.  At the end of this year, I want to look back and know deep down in my heart that I did the absolute best job that I could.  That doesn't mean that I have to do everything perfect (or even close), but just that I tried my best.  Afterall, Lorelai doesn't deserve anything less!

7- Keep and cleaner house.  Matt and I have been doing soooo much better at this lately, and I want us to keep it up.  How can we teach our daughter to be clean and to pick up our mess if we don't?  We can't.  This is way up there on the list for me this year.

8- Get my "pre-baby" body back.  Number wise, I'm right where I was before.  Well, considering it's right after Christmas, maybe a few pounds over.  But, shape wise, everything is way different.  There are buldges and pooches where there weren't any before.  I want to get rid of those!

9- Make sure that I make some time for me this summer.  My goal is to have one day a week that I drop LL off with Grammy and have "me" time.  I have been pasty for two years, and I want to change that!  I want to be able to lay out, sleep in, go shopping, spend time with friends, etc. and I don't think that one day a week is a bad thing to do. 

10. Form new, and better friendships.  There is no mistaking that 2009 was a rough year for us.  We lost a lot of friends and got hurt more than I ever thought possible.  We were tested and tried in so many ways and sometimes I didn't know how we would make it out the other side.  I didn't know that I could be hurt in the ways that I was this year and sometimes I didn't know how it would ever get better.  But God is sooo good and He has restored us in so many ways.  He has restored relationships, brought in new ones, and given me the strength to let go of some.  At some points this year, I didn't know that was possible.

11.  Get back to being more involved in church.  Since LL has been born, I haven't been a church nearly as much and I haven't sung on a praise team in over a year.  I want to be there more!  I want to sing again!  I really really miss it, and I know that Matt does, too.  I want to be more present and involved this year.  I think that will get easier as LL gets older. 

12.  Set aside date nights.  I think Matt and I need to make sure to have at least one date night a month.  Even if it's taking LL to a grandparent's house and eating dinner and watching a movie at home, I want us to make more time for US.  I don't want us to lose ourselves in having a baby.  I don't want her to graduate highschool, move away, and I turn around and don't know my husband anymore.  I refuse to let that happen.

13. Take LL to the beach.  I know that sounds crazy, but Matt only gets 2 vacation weeks a year.  While two weeks sounds like a lot, that means that out of 52 Sundays, he can only miss 2 Sundays!  Yes, he has Fridays off, but I don't!  With me getting off work at 3:30 on Friday, our "weekends" together consist only of Saturdays.  That means that we never, I mean never, can take weekend trips unless we want to go and come back in 24 hours.  That is mega hard with a baby and not something I really want to do!  It also stinks because, even if I have a long weekend (Monday off), we still can't go anywhere because Matt still has to be at work on Sunday.  That being said, I want to make sure that we take/make time to take Lorelai to the beach this year.  Matt and I both love the beach and I can't wait to see her experience it, too!

14. Enjoy this year!  I don't want to wish any of my days away, and I want to enjoy this year to the fullest that I possibly can!  I want 2010 to be the best year, ever!


Emily said...

awww when you read my list of goals for this year we have so many similar ones! i'm glad our friendship is one of the good things in 2009 :)

Erin said...

This sounds a lot like my list, too. But instead of giving up scrapbooking, I'm just getting started. Have you tried digital scrapbooking?!