Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Visit From Ben

For awhile, Laura, Gino, and Ben had been planning a trip to Milton, FL to visit our Aunt Rainey.  It would be about a 6 hour trip, and after seeing the difficulties that we had taking LL to the mountains, they decided that the trip was just a little too much right now.  Instead, they opted to drive here for the weekend, and Aunt Rainey also drove here to meet them.  Ben is 5 months old and Aunt Rainey has never met him!  It was a long weekend for me and mom (MLK Day), so of course I knew that I'd be spending the entire weekend over at mom's so that I could see everyone!

Gigi is as happy as a clam!

Presents from Aunt Rainey!

Gigi getting LL all energized before bed.

Laura and Gino left about 5:00 am on Saturday morning to make it down here.  They got to mom's at 9 which is right in the middle of LL's nap.  We told them that we'd meet them at mom's after LL woke up from her nap.  I knew that we could have left earlier and LL could have napped at mom's, but I also knew that she'd be having a loooong weekend, and I wanted to get in a good nap at home before it started.  It also gave Mom and Aunt Rainey some good "alone" time with Laura, Gino, and Ben.  I know it's got to be hard for mom on the rare occassions that she gets to see LL and Ben at the same time, because she doesn't want it to seem like she's spending more time with one than the other.  This way, everyone got some time where they didn't have to worry about that!

Aunt Robyn knows what to do!

We finally made it over there about 11.  We had a wonderful rest of the day eating, playing, taking naps, and just spending time together!  We brought everything that we needed to get LL ready for bed.  We bathed her at mom's, got her all ready and then all we had to do was drive her home and put her in bed!

Bath time!

Sunday most of our family met us at church.  Our entire family doesn't often go to church all together, so it was nice to have everyone there.After church we went to mom's house to eat lunch. Mrs. Becky was meeting me and Matt at my mom's house at 2:00 so that the three of us could drive to Cairo for a wedding reception for Grant and Corrie. They got married the weekend after Thanksgiving and Matt was supposed to be a groomsman in their wedding, but he didn't end up going out there. I wasn't ready for LL to travel that far, not ready to leave her at home, and Matt didn't want to miss her first Thanksgiving. Mom was keeping LL for us for the afternoon/evening so that we could be a part of reception. We got home just in time to drive LL home and put her to bed.

Monday was supposed to be a girls day with Emily and my sister. Our plan was to make some cute birthday banners for both Lorelai and Kye's first birthday parties. Well, Kye had a hard time napping at mom's, so it didn't end up being much of a girls day! I did get LL's banner done and most of Kye's banner got done, too.

Going for a walk with Gigi and Poppy

I hate that I don't get to see my sister ver much (well, not as much as I would like), and even though this weekend was CRAZY and we were only at home to sleep, I had a WONDERFUL time and loved all the time I got to spend with Ben. And the best news, we'll see them again in 3 weeks for LL's party!

I love my little man!

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