Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Eyed Beauty

I'm feeling very confident that, now that Lorelai is a couple days shy of 11 months old, her blue eyes are here to stay.  Considering that she has a mommy with brown eyes and a daddy with hazel eyes, I never thought that I would end up with a blue-eyed baby!  But I am sooo happy that I did! 

Her eyes are one of my favorite parts about her - they are just so big and pull you in!  They are also one of the things that is most commented on by other people (both friends and strangers).  I think the contrast with her dark (and full!) eyelashes and dark hair is just beautiful!  I think those eyes are going to get her out of a lot of trouble (with mommy and daddy) and into a lot of trouble (with boys).

In playing with my new camera, I tried to capture some pretty pictures of her beautiful eyes.  Caution: we still had a nasty nose from bronchitis.  :(  Ignore that part - haha!

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Emily said...

haha we both spent our new years blogging...I've written 10 posts today!!! crazy!!! and I love LL's blue eyes, but her smile is my favorite :)