Monday, June 22, 2009

Water Baby

After Laura left to go back to Atlanta on Sunday, Matt and I decided that we would put Lorelai in the pool for the first time since we were already at Mom's. I had looked for a bathing suit for LL for probably a month, but I couldn't find one small enough. They were all 6 months +. Mom went to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and FINALLY found one small enough for her at a Target up there. Then, mom and I were shopping last week and we bought her a little starfish float to go in the pool. It was finally time to test all of this stuff out! I think that LL did really well! She was a little confused, but she never fussed and we even saw her kicking her little legs in the water some! Afterwards, we had to give her a bath to wash all of the chlorine off and she was such a tired little girl! She was sleeping almost immediately and had a great long nap. Here is our little water baby:

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Emily said...

we did have twin weekends! so funny! i'm jealous though b/c you had a REAL pool to try out instead of a lame blow up one haha! She looks like it was fun for her!