Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rolly Polly Part 2!

Two days after LL's 4 month check-up, she decided to reach another milestone - - - rolling from her tummy to her back! I was at my mom's house and we laid her on the floor to change her diaper. After we changed it, she rolled to her tummy. Well, we were talking so we just left her there and we looked down and she just all of a sudden plopped over onto her back! It was so cute and she was so proud of herself! She did it non-stop for about two days and now the little stinker won't roll AT ALL! It's like she's figured out that she can, so she's not interested in it anymore! I think she's also in a heavy part of teething, so I think that is playing into her overall attitude. She's not talking as much, not moving around as much, not rolling as much. All she wants to do is chew on her hands! Here's a video of the little stinker rolling over...

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Emily said...

Your comment was so sweet! I'm so glad you found my blog! I don't know ANYONE with a baby my baby's age and being a first-time mom is tough ya know? I LOVE B.W. and am SO glad I came across it. I have no BW support here as no one I know really does it so I'd be happy to be your support if you'd be mine :) She's a cutie! Kye quit rolling for awhile too...I think it's normal with this dang teething!