Sunday, June 21, 2009

1st Fathers Day!

Exactly a year ago today, we announced to the church that we were pregnant! I remember that I was almost 6 weeks along (I would be the following Tuesday). How far we have come in a year! From being 6 weeks pregnant to having a 4 1/2 month old! We've had an awesome day to celebrate today. This morning, Matt got up to go to church early just like always. Luckily, Laura (my sister) stayed with us last night because she was in town for her baby shower (blog post to follow shortly) so I had lots of help getting ready this morning! The three of us got to hang out this morning and when I left for church at 10:30, Laura left to go spend time with the parents. At church Matt and I got a great present - LL slept through church so we finally got to enjoy a service together! Usually she gets fussy right when the preaching starts, so one of us has to take her out. Today she was so tired from playing with Aunt Laura that she slept through the whole thing!

After church, we headed to my mom's to meet up with Laura and have lunch. Laura left after lunch and then we had another first - Lorelai's first time in the pool (Again, another blog post to follow). After the pool, we got a bath to wash off the chlorine and then took a LONG nap.

Finally, we headed home and we've just spent the evening hanging out as a family. We did gifts with Matt the other night because we new we'd have a crazy weekend with Laura's shower and Father's Day and I wanted us to be able to take our time with that. Lorelai got her daddy a new wallet and I got Matt some cologne. Our theory was he could smell good for Mommy and spend his money on Lorelai. :) We also had some pictures of Lorelai taken in Tallahassee last weekend, so we got Matt and surprise collage of 9 of those pictures to hang in his office at the church. He was surprised because they were pictures that he had never seen before. All in all, a great day!

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