Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shower for Meatball

My sister, Laura, is currently pregnant with her first child. She's due in early August and she's having a boy. She knew that we had a hard time with the "You're naming her what?" when we told people that we had picked out Lorelai as the name for our daughter. That being said, she has decided that she and Gino (her husband) aren't going to tell anybody the name until after he is born. This also gives them the opportunity to have a couple of names in mind and to pick the one that they think suits him best once he's gotten here and they've seen him. We have to call him something and since Gino claims strong Italian heritage, we all call him Meatball. This weekend was Laura's shower for Meatball!

Mommy to be!

She lives in Lawrenceville (near Atlanta) so she made the drive down Friday night. I was super-excited for her to see LL because she hadn't seen her since she was about two months old. She has changed so much since then!

Cupcake cake

We had Laura's shower at Two Friends Cafe and we had a really good turn out! There were only about 11 people there (not bad considering that Laura doesn't live here!) and she got so much stuff that I could hardly believe it! She got in one shower the amount that I got in two of mine. I was so excited for her because she got about half of the stuff on her registry and she still has one more shower to go! I can tell you one thing, Meatball is going to be the best dressed little boy in Lawrenceville!

Me, Laura, and Mrs. Connie

Me, Mom, and Laura

I miss Laura already (and I know she already misses Lorelai), but Matt and I are planning to take a little two day trip up there in about 3 weeks so that Uncle Gino can see LL a little bit before Meatball gets here. When we went up there in April, Gino was super-sick (we actually had to cut our trip a little short!), so he really hasn't seen her since she's been born! I think the shower went AWESOME, I hope Laura had a good time, and now I'm just ready to meet Meatball!

This is the first diaper cake that I have ever made. I think I did a pretty good job!

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