Friday, June 5, 2009

4 Months Old

We are already at 4 months! My little baby is getting so big! I'm amazed at how babies learn to do so much in such a short amount of time. Matt and I sang "Happy Birthday" first thing for us and she got so excited that she yakked on me. Ah, the joys of being a mom. These are a few pictures of her this morning (her official 4 month birthday):

Here are the major things that have happened this month:
1 - Legs up! Lorelai has learned that she can move her legs up close to her hands and now she does it allll the time. I must say, it is convenient for diaper changes and it is just as cute as can be. She hasn't grabbed her feet yet, but I think it's coming soon.

2- She puts everything in her mouth! We have now reached that stage. If she can get hold of it, the first place that it is going is her mouth. Luckily, she's still not mobile, so the only things that she can get to are the things we put around her. That means that she's not putting anything in her mouth that she shouldn't be.

3- Yelling. This little girl is finding her voice! She has now discovered that she can yell (well, it's more like a shout) without being upset. She will be perfectly happy and just let out a little yell. If you aren't in the room, you can't really tell if she's happy or upset, but if you're with her, you can tell that she's happy. It really is pretty funny.

4- Almost rolling over. Let me put emphasis on almost. I really think that she could do it if she WANTED to. The thing is, she HATES tummy time. Obviously, we make her do it anyway, but she absolutely hates it. We have started putting her on her surfboard for tummy time lately and she is liking that better. What is really funny is that the times that she has come the closest to rolling over, it has been from her back to her stomach. Usually, babies roll from the stomachs to their backs first. I don't know. She might just decide to skip this step all together.

5- Talking. This little girl talks non-stop now! She will even wake up in the middle of her nap, talk to her mobile, and then go back to sleep. It is absolutely adorable and I love it. I think she's going to be a motor-mouth just like her mommy.

6- Head control. Her head control is SO much better than it was even just last week. It seems like it gets tons stronger every day! It is so good now that we can actually put her in her Bumbo for extended periods of time. Actually, I found that she loves to sit on the kitchen counter with me while I do stuff in there. *note - I stay right in front of her so there is no possible way for her to injure herself!

7 - Laughing because stuff is funny. When she first started laughing, it was only if we tickled her. Now, she's starting to laugh when she thinks you are being funny. It's really cute and usually sends me into hysterics, as well. Then the whole thing just turns into one big laughing fest.
**Her eyes are still blue. Here's fingers crossed that they will stay that way!

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