Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

It's one of our family traditions every year to take a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Honestly, besides our tradition of going to cut down a Christmas tree, this is probably my FAVORITE tradition.  It's so much fun and often when we get some of our best pics of LL.  Here's a link to our visit in 2009 and 2010.

Our first year, we went alone.  The next year, we went with Aunt Laura, Uncle Gino, and Ben.  This year, we went with Oma and Opa.  The past two years, we've gone to the pumpkin patch in Lakeland.  It's super close to our house, and usually completely empty.  That means that we usually spend an hour + just walking around and taking pictures.  This year, we showed up and there was no pumpkin patch!  :(  We really didn't want to drive to Valdosta (far and usually crowded), so we made a few phone calls to find out if there was a patch in Nashville.  There was so we headed on our way!

I don't know that this pumpkin patch is usually like, but to me, it was pretty small.  Don't get me wrong, it was still plenty big, just not as many pumpkins as I'm used to choosing from.  On the plus side, they did have a very small hay bale maze that LL had a BLAST running around in! 

Usually, I (or in last year's case, Gino) get AH-MAZING pictures at the pumpkin patch.  This year, however, is a different story.  LL is too busy and totally knows that a camera is and has no interest in it at all!  So here are the best ones I managed to get...

Trying to be a super strong girl and pick up the big pumpkin!

Didn't really work - haha.

The stinker wouldn't look at the camera!

Crissy - does she look like Stevie in this pic to you?  She does to me!  It's the first thing I thought of!

Recognize her shirt?  It's the same one she wore last year.  :)

Opa helped her pick out a baby pumpkin!

"Show Mommy the pumpkin!"  Fail.

Silly, girl.

Best pic of the day!

They had some huge hay bails?  Rolls?  I dunno.  And randomly a broom stick.

Love this one!

My girl!!



Recording Megow Adventures said...

Yes, I agree! I have thought they favor in some pics for a while now,,,both very pretty, dainty little ladies :)

Emily said...

SUCH a stevie face for SURE! love that you were able to reuse the outfit from last year ;) the group shots are my fav...your dad and connie look so proud and you and matt look GREAT! it was a hott day for you both, don't you love when that happens at the same time?!?! so rare for us to both look good in pictures together!!! :)

Joeylee said...

great pictures and her outfit is so cute! were taking the girls to the pumpkin patch this weekend.