Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LL's First Lowndes Game

Everyone around here knows that high school football is king.  People in Valdosta LIVE for some Friday night lights.  In a way, I think it's crazy.  But in another way, I totally get it.  It's just something that's in your blood!  The Hubs and I both went to Lowndes High and once it's a part of you - it just never goes away!  Once a Viking - always a Viking.  High school was seriously some of the *best* times of my life!

A few weeks ago, my friend Meghan called and asked if we wanted some tickets for that week's home Lowndes game.  Her parents are season ticket holders, but they were going to be out of town.  We haven't been to a game since we went with Zach and Emily last year, so we were pumped to go.  It's not like we couldn't just buy regular tickets if we ever wanted to, we just never do.  I was excited to go because that meant that we'd also be sitting with Meghan and Kevin, and they have some pretty awesome seats.  They sit right in front of the press box, so it means that you're really high up, have something you can lean against, and don't have to worry about anyone behind you.  On the other hand, I was REALLY nervous.  We decided to take LL with us and 1- I had no idea how she'd do in a really confined space 2 - I had no idea how I'd keep her occupied and 3 - We've never kept her up that late in her life.  We decided that we'd leave after half time (about 9:30), but then we still had a 30+ minute drive home.  We have NEVER kept her up that late!

Well, all my fears were for nothing.  She *LOVED* the game.  She literally watched every second of it.  She didn't want to do anything but watch!  We left after halftime, she talked all the way home about the game, and then went straight to bed.  We literally had zero behavior issues with her that night or the next day!

It's definitely not something that I would do on a regular basis with her, but we all had a blast and I'm glad we took her!

Seriously one of my all time fav pics of me and her.

For a treat, we ate dinner at Firehouse before the game.

Lorelai and Meghan's baby, Luke (if you're a Gilmore Girls fan - you'll totally get why typing their names together makes me smile.  Meg and I both were HUGE fans of the show.)

I know this pic is blurry, but I think it's funny because you can see LL holding out some popcorn for Luke, and you can totally see him considering it. 

How cute is his little football paci?

Part of the perks of LL wanting to watch the game the whole time was me being able to love on Luke.  Usually, she has no liking for all of that.

The Hempe family.  Meghan and I have been friends since Kindergarten!  That's 22 years, people!  And we all went to high school together, so I've been friends with Kevin for 13 years.  There's no way I'm that old.

The Mullican Fam

She wouldn't even look away from the game long enough to smile!

Taking some pics outside of the stadium on the way out.  I totally should have done this on the way IN before we all got majorly sweaty.  It was SO HOT!  A woman in front of us actually passed out from the heat, had to be carried down the stands on a stretcher, and had a heart attack once they got her in the ambulance.  Scary!

Since going to the game, she talks about cheerleaders ALL-THE-TIME.  It is SO cute.  I had planned on her to be something else for Halloween, but I'm thinking this is the route we might go due to her fascination.

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Recording Megow Adventures said...

did I miss it, where'd you get the little cheerleading outfit? my mom has tickets and plans to take Stevie Joy when the weather cools off (my girl does NOT handle heat well)