Monday, October 17, 2011

The Honey Bee Festival - 2011

**Sorry for the lack of posting last week.  I have some legit reasons, but I can't really blog about them yet.  I promise that I will as soon as I can.

Well, it's that time of the year again!  One of our favorite traditions is going to Hahira's Honey Bee Festival every year!  Remember last year and the year before?  We've been going long before LL was born, though.  Before we had a child, we used to take Lola.  My, how times have changed - haha.

This year, my sister was down for the weekend, and we also invited Emily and Kye to come along, too.  LL, Ben, and Kye are all really at the perfect age for stuff like this.  They enjoy looking around, can participate in the really fun stuff, and don't have to nap several times a day.  We lucked out this year and the weather was gorgeous.  It wasn't really hot and there was a nice breeze. 

Aunt Laura bought some Honey Straws and LL enjoyed this one....for about 2 minutes...haha.  I think it was just too difficult for her to get the honey out.

She did, however, really enjoy these puppies!  My child is a girl after my own heart when it comes to animals, that's for sure!

Our crew at the Honey Bee (minus Matt - who was taking the picture)

That's my girl!

This was absolutely her favorite part of the whole thing!  She LOVES to ride horses!

Kye enjoyed a ride, too!  His first time ever on a horse, I think?

Climbing up there all by herself like a big girl!

So proud of herself!

Fire truck!

Kye was the only one brave enough to wear the helmet.  It was soooo heavy for him and he just froze like this - so funny!

We found a grassy place to eat and while we were sitting, we saw SO MANY people we knew - including Meghan, Kevin, and Luke!

"Baby Luke" as LL calls him.  What are we gonna call him when he's not a baby anymore??

Trying to get a pic of me and Ben.  You can tell how thrilled he was.  And the port-a-potties in the background probably wasn't the best idea, either.  Fail.

LL throughout the years at the Honey Bee.

 This really is one of my favorite traditions and something that I look forward to every year!


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