Monday, October 3, 2011

Impromptu Trip to Atlanta

In the middle of my "bad weeks", my mom decided that she was going to go visit my sister for the weekend.  She asked if I wanted to go (with LL - duh), and my first response was a no.  Then, I really started thinking about it and thought "why not?".  We didn't have any plans for the weekend, and The Hubs was fine with staying behind to have a boys weekend on his own. 

I took off a little early that Friday to come home and pack, and we hit the road at about 4:00.  We got there right at bed time on Friday, so there wasn't much interesting going on.

She's started crossing her legs in her car seat.  How grown does she look?! 

Saturday we decided to go to Discover Mills (it's pretty close to my sister's house) to get out for a bit. 
Of course it's impossible to get two two year olds to smile at the same time!

We came back for nap time and my mom stayed with the kids while my sis and I ran to Target to get a gift for one of Ben's friend's birthday.  While we were there I found LL some super cool new sunglasses!  We also stopped by a shoe store and since my sister got one pair, I got another for 1/2 off!  I ended up with some really cute boots for LL - for only $10!

When the kids woke up, my sis and mom and Ben went to run by the birthday party and pick up dinner, while LL and I stayed behind to play and relax.

Future super-model in the making?  I think so!

New sunglasses!

New boots!

One of my conditions for coming up was that we had to eat P.F. Changs (even if it was take-out).  Let me tell you - this is my new obsession and it is SO GOOD!  Honey chicken and brown rice - yum!

That night after dinner we gave LL and Ben a bath together and they were being SUPER cute!  I took 2 really cute videos, but due to my inability to "cover them up", I'm not going to post them on the Internet.  Here's come cute pics, though.  :)

After bath, my sis did story time with the kids.  I don't know if this is becoming a tradition, but it seems like she is the one that reads to them when we're up there.  They LOVE story time with her and I think it's adorable.  I got this cute video of her reading to them.  And you can totally tell that Gigi is taking pictures, too - haha.

After Aunt Laura read to them, they both crawled into this tent thing that Ben has and they were reading books together.  So cute!

It was nice to get away for the weekend and spend some time with my sister - she always seems to make me feel better about things!  Now it's her turn to come see me.  ;)


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that is soooo stinkin' precious how she crosses her legs!!! :)