Monday, September 3, 2018

August Randoms

I don't know about you, but August was a big month of adjustments for us!  Adjusting to a new school (all of us), adjusting to saying goodbye to summer schedules and hello to school routines, adjusting to Matt being out of town and handling a school schedule on my own with two kids.  It was just a big month of adjustments!  I didn't blog a log because honestly it was just a month of surviving - haha.  So here is all of the random stuff that never got blogged about!

August kicked off with Convocation for my new school system!  After 11 years, I am finally teaching in the same county as my best friend!  We're not at the same school, but it's still nice to have this link!

My new team!  I am so sad to leave my ladies at Cook behind, but I'm so excited about the journey of this school year with these ladies!

The night of convocation, LL was spending the night away and Matt was out of town, so Cooper and I had a date night to Texas Roadhouse!  He was the sweetest little date and insisted on sitting on the same side as me "because that's what you do on a date".  So sweet!

I was back in school mode, but the kids still had a few days of summer left!

It's not 100% how I want it, but here's my classroom for the 2018/2019 school year!

The kids and I all went to get back to school haircuts!

I'll be honest, I didn't understand this Kiki thing at all.  And I didn't have the time or energy to try and figure it out - haha.  But I sure could relate to this!

Halloween sneak peak!

I don't think a meme has ever more accurately represented my life.

2nd day of school - trying to get into the groove!

LL's teachers use an app where they can post pictures, send messages, etc., and this picture popped up the first week of school!

We've been spending a lot of time in the evenings playing games, and Monopoly Jr. is a favorite!  (side note: I'm wanting to buy the kids more games for Christmas so let me know some of your family favorites!)

Cooper and I love to bake together, but we haven't done it much since moving.  We had some bananas that were very ripe, so we made some banana coffee cake - and it was fantastic!

So so good!

This note from my principal was in my box at school one day and I can not tell you how much it made my day!

With Matt's new job, he's been driving a ton.  Which means that his truck (that gets 20mpg) just wasn't cutting it anymore.  He's not a huge fan of cars (which I understand - I'm not either), but you can't argue with 41 mpg!

The signs on the left were what I had at my old school (and in my old school colors).  I took them to my sister when we went up to Atlanta for Ben's birthday, and she repainted them in my new school colors!  I love them!!

Matt had to be gone for over a weekend this month (which is not typical), and I came home to this sweet surprise before he left!  Flowers, my fav Starbucks drink, ice cream in the freezer, and a sweet card.  Really and truly this was so beyond sweet and was a nice surprise while he was gone.

Since Matt was gone over the weekend, I let LL have a fun surprise: sleeping in the big bed with Mommy one night!  It was so precious because she was so so excited about it.

We had a birthday party to go to the Saturday that Matt was gone.  Isn't this cake amazing?!

Both kids love Andrew and were so excited to play and celebrate his birthday.

I was outside at the party watching the kids slide, when Sarah called me on my phone (from inside the house) and said "Did you see Penny behind you?"  Ya'll.  I about died.  There was a pig just hanging out by their pool!

Just a pig at a birthday party!

I got to hold sweet Isaac while they did all of the birthday cake/present opening.  Holding a squishy baby is my FAVORITE!  

This is just a picture of a girl living her best life...

I have a list of about 14,847,839 reasons why I love my new school, but here's a really great one: Guidance Day.  This didn't exist at my old school, so I had no idea what it was.  Basically, all of my classes went to a different classroom with the guidance counselors and had a lesson with them (instead of with me).  Which meant I got to get work done in my quiet classroom.  Alone.  All day.  Ya'll.  It was AMAZING!

I was wrong earlier.  This is the most accurate meme for my life - haha.

Our book club meeting for August!  We read "Bring Me Back" by BA Paris, and the consensus was that it was really good!

We went to Gigi's house after school one Friday to hang out and eat dinner, and the kids spent a lot of time outside finding snails!

We went to dinner at our new favorite Mexican place and then we went to Snopocolypse for dessert!

Towards the end of August I finally felt like I was getting a handle on my life again - haha.  I have been neglecting the gym, so it was good to get back at it!

We also tried to play catch-up with some yard work.  Which is probably not the smartest thing to do in August.

The kids went to Kids Blitz with Grammy and Pop one Saturday and had a blast!  I'm not sure about most of what they did, but I know they had fun!

Ready for church!

National Dog Day was this month, so I got a picture of this old lady.  She turned 14 this summer and is showing her age, but she's still got enough spunk to dig in the back yard every once in a while!

LL got up and sang a Taylor song in front of her class one day (although I'm still not quite clear on why - haha).

Leave me alone, Debbie!

I lauged wayyyy too hard at this one!

Cooper has become obsessed with the dustbuster and asks to do it about 400x a day.  This was us the other morning at 5:45 am.  I'm either doing this parenting this really right or really wrong.

We ended the month with date night!  Dinner and ice cream for the win!

What I Wore:
shirt: Target, pants: Old Navy, shoes: Target

Shirt: Old Navy, Vest: Houndstooth and Pearls (facebook), Pants: Gap, Shoes: Target

Cardigan: No idea.  Super old, Shirt: Houndstooth and Pearls (facebook), pants: Gap, shoes: Target

Shirt: Nordstrom, pants: Gap, shoes: Target

Shirt: IG botique, pants: Old Navy, shoes: Old Navy

Jacket: Nordstrom, shirt: Old Navy, pants: Gap

Necklace: Accessory Concierge, shirt: Target, Pants: Gap

entire outfit: Old Navy

Dress: Old Navy, Kimono: Amazon

Shirt: Abercrombie, pants: Gap

Jacket: Nordstrom, Dress: Old Navy

Pants and Shirt: Old Navy

That's a wrap for August!  Bring on September, Fall, Football, and more getting our act together - haha.

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