Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pumpkin Patch 2017

I feel like every time the seasons roll over, I always say the new season is my favorite.  But Fall really is such a great time of year - I think it truly is my favorite.  ;)  Every Fall, visiting the pumpkin patch is at the top of our list of things we have to do.  Cooper got to visit the pumpkin patch with his class at school, but he surely didn't mind going back again!

We always have to get a picture at the ruler!  These two kids aren't too far apart in height anymore!

Cooper asked for a picture by the Jesus Loves You sign!

When they're sitting down, there's really not much of a height difference!

I love the real smiles in this picture!

Cooper loves the "5 little pumpkins" song this year, so he wanted another picture to be a pumpkin on the gate.

LL asked for a picture by herself this visit, too!  I was loving it!  This beautiful girl is just so precious.

Both kids did great with pictures before picking out our family pumpkins!

Daddy's turn with the kids!

Every year we take pictures of just the two kids together at the pumpkin patch - and ever year they are some of my absolute favorite pictures!

Look at that cheesin' smile!

Now that LL is older, she can get pictures of Mommy and Daddy solo, too!

I love seeing how both kids have grown over our trips!

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