Friday, September 6, 2013


After seeing what a hit LL's gymnastics birthday party was, we knew that we wanted to sign her up for classes.  I didn't start her at the beginning of the summer because I didn't want to have gymnastics and swim at the same time.  After swim was over, I called and put her on the waiting list.  They called me the first week in August and told me they had a spot for her!  

Ready for her first class!

Can you see her behind the fence?

Learning how to flip over the bar.

Teaching her how to walk up that wall and flip over the bar backwards - this is her favorite!

Isn't this pose adorable??

She's been to 5 weeks of classes so far and she is IN LOVE with them!  I really love it, too, and I would be so happy if she decides to stick with this long term.


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