Monday, September 2, 2013

Cooper - 14 Months Old!

Time is going so much faster now that school has started.  Cooper was 13 months old (in his 14th months) from July 25 - August 24.  Here's what he was up to this month!

Weight: 24-25lbs
Diaper: size 4
Clothes: mostly 12 months with some 18 months in there.

Schedule: This is the same new schedule from last month:

7am - up for the day!
7:45ish - breakfast and milk sippy
9:00 - down for nap
11:00 - up from nap
11:45ish - lunch and milk sippy
3:00 - 3:30ish - up from nap
3:30 - snack and water sippy
5:30ish - dinner and milk sippy
Right after dinner he gets a bath
7:00 - bed time

Teeth: While we were on vacation this month, his two top molars popped through.  While they're not all the way out yet, we count them as teeth as soon as they break through the gums - so Cooper's count is up to 10 now!  Hopefully they will come all the way through soon, because molars are a beast!

Standing/Walking: Cooper wasn't quite as resistant to walking this month as he was last month, but he still isn't walking on his own yet.  He has let us guide him around more this month, and he's getting more and more steady every day.  He has also been standing a LOT more this month.  He can stand for several minutes at a time now, and he can even get to a standing position without having to pull up on something first.  I think he'll be walking sometime this month!

Talking: Cooper added three more words to his vocabulary this month, bringing his total up to 8.  In addition to the words he could say last month, he can now say "bye-bye", "yay yay yay", and "eyes".  He has also stopped saying "dada" and now says "Daddy".  

Clapping: Coop has always been a minimal clapper, but this month he really started to love it.  He claps alllll the time now and loves to say "yay yay yay" while he does it.  

Riding Toys: Just like last month, Cooper still LOVES to ride on his tractor from Aunt Laura and Uncle Gino.  It is by far his favorite thing to do!  He also has learned to get off of it like a big boy and without falling down.

Hanging around: LL has learned that she can pick Cooper up.  She loves to do it, but I'm not quite sure at Cooper's opinion of the whole thing.  He doesn't fuss about it, but he also looks pretty concerned!

Puzzles: While he for sure doesn't completely get the concept, we played with puzzles some this month.  While I don't think he really gets it, he sure has fun playing with the pieces!

Vacation: Cooper took his first vacation this month - to the beach!!  (Post to come).  He LOVED it and is a water baby FOR SURE.

All boy: I'll be honest.  Initially, I thought that baby boys acted like boys because their parents conditioned them to do so (consciously or unconsciously).  I'll admit now that I am wrong.  Cooper is ALL BOY, and it's completely just in his make-up.  Sure, we do do some things differently than we did with LL, but not *that* much.  He is just hardwired so much differently!  He looks at the world like a boy - and that has nothing to do with us!

Irritating Lola

Messing with the lights (a big no-no!)

Climbing on anything he can find.

Fixing the wheel on his grocery cart.

Playing tractor

Trying to jump in the pool

Finger painting: I came to pick the kids up from Grammy's one day after school, and both kids were painting.  This was Cooper's first experience at finger painting and Grammy said he liked it!  I was most impressed that he didn't eat any.  :)


Every Sunday he conks out after church.  Poor guy.

Bringing home the bacon!

Crazy hair!

Here's a look at Coop and LL both at 14 months!


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Unknown said...

I agree with the statement of boys bring "all boy". I believed, like you, that they learned how to be a boy. I distinctly remember Preston using the remote as a car and making the vroom , vroom noises. He was around 8 months. The didn't even have toy cars yet! Life with boys are definitely fun!