Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tybee Island - Day 1

My nephew, Ben, has a birthday in early August.  My sister and brother-in-law decided that they wanted to take him to the beach for his birthday this year and asked if we wanted to tag along.  Umm..duh!  We went for a long weekend in August (the weekend before school started).  I already had a furlough day in my school calendar, and it was the last official weekend of summer for us, so it was literally perfect timing.  This was also going to be Cooper's first time going to the beach, so that made us all the more excited!

Isn't the best part of a road trip being able to eat junk food??

My sister rented a house on Tybee Island (outside of Savannah) that was literally a block from the beach.  It was so nice because all we had to do was take a little walk out of the back door and down a path and there we were!  We got there around 4, so we unloaded and ate dinner.  After Cooper went down to bed at 7, we decided to take LL and Ben and go check out the beach.  We didn't anticipate them getting in the water or anything (hence why they're not in a bathing suit), but we should have known better because that's the first thing they wanted to do.  :)  We let them play in the water anyway for a little bit before heading back for bed time.

Thanks to Laura for snapping a pic of me in my "mom pose" - haha.

They LOVED it.  And there were literally no waves.  At all.  It was perfect.

There were a bunch of people out with nets trying to catch shrimp. They would pull their nets up onto the sand and pull out all of the shrimp.  When they did this, there would also be lots of small fish (and some jelly fish) in the net, too.  We walked over to watch what they were doing, and they were nice enough to let LL pick some of the fish out of their nets.  :)

We stripped down on the way back to the house - haha.

We were staying in a 3 bedroom house.  Laura and Gino took a room, Coop had a room, LL and Ben shared a room, and Matt and I slept on the pull out couch.  It really was a perfect sleeping situation!

Up next: Cooper's first visit to the beach!


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Emily said...

My in laws own a house on Tybee! LOVE it there!