Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Weekend of Summer!

Finally summer is here! I feel like I have counted down to this summer unlike an summer before it. I was soooo ready for school to be out so that I could be a SAHM and just play with my baby for 12 solid weeks! My school system recently voted on a new calendar to try and save money (and hopefully cut down on furlough days). The very big upside to this new calendar? My school year was cut from 180 work days to 160 work days. That means longer summers and more holidays during school. Normally I would go back to work for pre-planning in the last week of July/first week of August. This year I go back August 16 and the students come back August 23. What does that mean for me? 3 full months of summer!

Friday was my last day of school and Saturday was our anniversary! We've hit 6 years! Doesn't that sound like a crazy long time for how young we are? It sure does to me! Matt and I were talking about it at breakfast this morning. It really really really doesn't feel like 6 years. 3 or 4, maybe. But definitely not 6. I feel like time needs to slow down! My life is moving so fast!

Matt had a men's conference to go to at the church on Saturday morning from 8 - 10. Which in reality means that he was gone from 7:30 to almost 11. While he was gone, LL and I ran to Wal-Mart to get a few things and to Harvey's to pick up a prescription. By the time we got home, Matt was on his way. We waited for him to get home, and then we all ate lunch together. After lunch we helped LL clean up her toys, and then we put her down for her nap.

She's down to one nap a day and we've really been having some issues. She has only been going to sleep if we hold her, and then once she's asleep we have to put her in her crib. As if that wasn't bad enough, then halfway through her nap she'd wake up and want to be held. Once we get her back to sleep, she won't go in her crib again period. Every time we put her down she wakes up. So we end up holding her for the next hour or so.

With Mrs. Becky watching her all school year, there's not much I can do to fix it when I only have her for naps on the weekends. And I'm not about to ask Mrs. Becky to go through all the hard part of breaking Lorelai of this habit. She already does enough of the crazy rules that I have! Well, my main goal this summer is to get LL to put herself to sleep for a nap (if she can do it at night, she can do it for a nap) AND for her to stay her whole nap in her crib. Well, operation hard-core napping started yesterday and she did WONDERFUL! I put her in her crib just like I do at night (minus the pj's) and she did great. She talked to herself for a little while, walked around the crib, and then laid down and went to sleep! AND she slept the whole 2 hours in her crib and we didn't hold her not once.

Today was a little step back, though. I had a meeting to go to at church after the service, so my mom came and picked LL up to take her to her house to feed her lunch and put her down for a nap. LL doesn't nap at my mom's very much and my mom just got a legit crib for LL, so she's not used to napping there AT ALL. Mom got her to sleep, put her in the crib, and she slept there for about an hour. My mom had to hold her for the last hour just like what she's used to. But I can't blame LL at all - it's what she's used to! So starting tomorrow we're hitting the nap rules hard again. I don't think it'll take long to get her into the swing of things at all.

Anyway, while LL napped yesterday I laid out for a little bit and then took a little nap myself. Once we all got up from our naps, we got ready to go to my mom's. We haven't put LL in a "big people" pool since last summer, and we've been DYING to get her in again. She did fantastic! She loved it! I even dunked her a few times to get her ready for what's coming (swim starts in a week!). She didn't like it at all, but she didn't cry so I'm hopeful. After our swim we ate dinner with Mom and Victor and then headed home.

She loved it when we'd throw her up in the air!!

I tried to get a few pictures of LL this morning before church. She looked soooo cute! I did my best for being at home by myself and having a baby that won't hold still. Not the best pictures, but you can tell how cute she looked!

To me - she looks so much like me in the above picture that it shocked me!

You can see her cute Emily Ray bracelet in this picture - Thanks Oma and Opa!

How can you not fall in love with this face?!

We're leaving Tuesday to go visit my Dad in Flowery Branch for a couple of days and I'm super excited to get out of town for a little bit!  Since we didn't do much for our anniversary this weekend (this was intentional - we did do cards and Matt got me some beautiful roses :) ) we're planning on going to a nice dinner and maybe a movie while we're in Atlanta. I'm very much looking forward to it!

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Emily said...

2) Can't wait to hang out some with you and LL!!!
3) it's seriously crazy that we're the same age and you've been married twice as long as I have!!! but your husband is an old man so that makes more sense haha!
4)Good for you for working hard to get her doing better with the nap thing!!! I'm sure she'll get it, you seem like you'd be good at deciding something and then sticking to it and that's awesome!
5) does you being home for the summer mean more blog posts?! I hope so!!!