Monday, May 24, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

The same day that Matt took Lorelai to Grammy and Pop's, we decided to dye Easter eggs that night at home. We were going to have an egg hunt that Sunday (Easter) after church over at Grammy and Pop's. I can't even remember the last time that I dyed Easter eggs, so I was pretty excited.

We started after dinner, so LL didn't get to see the whole process. She "helped" with the first batch, but was already in bed when Matt and I did the rest of them. We had some with stickers, and some that had a crinkle finish on them. The bummer was that the stickers (that were made for eggs!) didn't stick! I wasn't very excited about that! Shouldn't they work if that's what they're marketed for?!

Regardless, Matt and I had a blast doing this project. Towards the end I sort of gave up and Matt took over. You can see how creative he got with some of his eggs. I think it'll be even more fun next year when Lorelai can really help!

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