Tuesday, May 11, 2010

15 Months Old!

Dear Lorelai,

Happy 15 months old, baby girl! You are growing so fast and I can remember sitting in this exact spot a month ago typing your 14 month letter. How time flies! This letter is a little delayed, but it is only because I was waiting to get your stats from your well-baby check up with Dr. Megow today. What a big girl you are! You weigh 22.7 lbs (42%), you are 31 3/4" (84%), and your head circumference is 18 (43%). You are a growing girl! So tall and skinny like...well...no one in our family! It is so funny!

Boy did you hate the doctor visit today. You screamed and cried any time someone entered the room. It's like you're starting to understand that fun things do not happen when we go to the doctor! You only got two shots today: MMR and the Chicken Pox. I'm not too excited about these, but I have been reassured many times by many people that the benefits outweigh the risks and that the risks are so small. So you got your shots! So far, I haven't seen a fever from you, and you're sleeping soundly, so all seems well.

You have been talking up a storm lately! Here are the words that you say clearly: mama, dada, car, turtle, boy, girl, boat, oooohhhh loook!, oh yay!, bow, and Pop. You are a crazy talker right now! I LOVE it! You get so excited about things and you just have the cutest little voice!

You started walking on your Daddy's birthday, right after you turned 14 months old. And you are GONE! I can't turn around for a second or you are nowhere to be found. You and I both are soooo happy that you can walk now.

We set up your pool for the first time yesterday afternoon and you were in heaven. You loved it so much that you cried when we took you in for dinner. :) It was sad, but cute all at the same time.

You are in love with dogs right now. You love to play with Lola, Sunny, and you even had fun with Chase and Uncle Bryan and Aunt Missy's house.

You are sleeping just the same as you did last month.

You drink 3 milk sippies a day: one before breakfast, one before lunch, and one before bed.

You take one nap a day. It's right after lunch and usually lasts between 2-3 hours.

I signed you up for swim lessons this summer and I can't wait to see you learn to swim! Mrs. Margie said you'd be swimming by July!

I only have 8 more days of school and I am SOOO excited to spend 12 weeks at home with you!

You have been throwing temper tantrums lately when you don't get your way. You get so upset and scream and cry. I don't like this and we're working very hard on fixing this!

You've also started throwing food off of your tray again - a big no-no! We're working on this, too!

You spent your first night away from home (at Grammy's) last week because Daddy and I were soooo sick with a stomach virus that neither of us could get out of bed! You were a little confused, but you did fine.

You have had a wonderful month and I'm so proud of all the things that you have learned. You are such a happy baby!

I love you,


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Emily said...

i just texted you to see how the appt went!!!! glad she's doing good after the "scary" shot ;) Awesome that she loves her little pool too!!!! she's got the cutest little figure, I love how tall and lean she is :)