Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Break 2016

To say that I have been looking forward to Fall Break would be an understatement!  The school year has been going great so far (and I really do have a great group of kids this year), but I was in some desperate need of some down time!  Cooper just had a Friday and Monday off for Fall Break, while LL and I had Monday - Friday off.  Since Cooper's Fall Break kicked off on Friday, I'll start this there!


Cooper didn't have school, but LL and I did!  He got to spend the day playing at Grammy and Pop's, and he wasn't too upset about it.  LL and Cooper have a new thing where they do a "monkey hug" and it is just about the cutest thing ever.  What makes it most impressive is the fact that she can pick him up when he only weighs about 10 lbs less than she does.

I had to stay late at school to help with a fundraiser, so Gigi picked LL up from school for me.  Their "thing" is to go see plays together, and the Jungle Book is currently playing.  She picked LL up from school, took her to dinner, and then they went to the play!  After the play was over, LL got to spend the night at Gigi's.

Before it was time for them to go to dinner, she got to play with Ben for a little while! (Ben only had a half day at school this day).

I got home late from school to find my favorite take-out and these silly boys!

Hanging out in his sleeping bag watching a movie.  ;)  
One of my favorite little things is how he'll lay with his hands under his head.

They play didn't start until 7:30, and LL loved staying up late and hanging out with Gigi!


Matt had to be at the gym for a few hours Saturday morning for a photo shoot they were doing, so Cooper and I met Ben at the park for some play time!

After the park, I took Cooper home for nap time, and Aunt Laura took Ben to Gigi's to play with LL!

She sent me these fun pictures of them playing outside with chalk!

So sweet - LL wrote "I love Ben".

When LL got home that afternoon, she was proud to show me this - she tried out for a solo in her 2nd grade musical and she got the part!  Woo hoo!


Sunday morning we dressed for Fall for church!


Monday morning we had a not very fun task scheduled first thing - flu shots for the kids!  Bleh!  Matt went with us so we could tag team them.  It definitely went as bad as I was expecting - haha.

Matching shoes at the dr!

After shots, Matt went to work and the kids and I headed home.  They spent the morning outside while I cleaned and then read my book.


Tuesday Cooper went back to school, and LL and I had a fun morning planned.  First up - flu shot for me (LL loved watching them give it to me).

After my flu shot, we headed to the library (where I didn't take any pictures).  When we got done there, we had about 30 minutes to kill until it was time to pick Cooper up from school, so we walked around the pumpkin patch!

We didn't buy any because we'll be going back this weekend as a family, but we had fun looking around.  LL and I especially love the white ones.  She also loved looking around to find all of the "ugly" pumpkins!

That evening after dinner, we went to the rec fields to watch Ben's soccer game!  This reminds me of the picture I took at one of Ben's soccer games in Atlanta when we went to see him last year.

Cooper took his "o-noculars" (which he also insists on looking through backwards) so that he could be sure to see Ben.

I love these boys!

Most awesome Uncle and Aunt ever.  ;)

Cooper and Ben have really grown close over the last year, and I love it!


Wednesday was my "me day".  The kids stayed with grandparents and I chilled at home!

This crazy, cross-eyed cat was having a lazy day with me -- in my sink.

LL spent the day at Oma and Opa's, and she literally spent the entire morning at the park!

I didn't want to work-out, but I did it anyway.

Gigi picked Cooper up from school and he had some play time (where he insisted on smelling his feet) before nap time.

That evening, I picked up my sister and we had a girl's only dinner (where I also took no pictures).  It was fun to hang out sans kids and actually be able to hold an entire conversation!


Thursday morning was busy busy for me (I had a doctor's appointment), and I had to rush to pick Cooper up from school.  I had to make sure we got home in plenty of time for lunch and nap because we had family pictures that evening!

Last Christmas, Matt and I bought our families a photo session for them and the grandkids with Captured by Colson, and today was the day it finally happened!

I always love the amazing job that Lindsay does.  We haven't gotten the official pictures back yet, but here are some behind the scenes shots:

Gigi and Poppy with Cooper and LL.

Oma and Opa with Ben.

His eyes get me every time!

It was fun to be out watching Lindsay do her thing without actually being in the pictures!

Lindsay and I make the cutest modern family!  #mytwomoms #sisterwives

Grammy and Pop with LL and Cooper.

This girl is seriously the nicest person ever!  On top of that - she takes amazing pictures!  I'm blessed to call her a friend, that's for sure!

After pictures were over, everyone (minus Gigi and Poppy) met up at DQ for an ice cream treat for doing so well!


Friday morning, Matt took Cooper to school, and the three girls stayed home and relaxed together.  Someone in this picture is spoiled.

LL and I picked Cooper up at school and then spent the afternoon at home.  That evening, the kids and I went to Grammy and Pop's for dinner while Matt went hunting.  Matt got home late with not one, but two deer.  LL was asleep, but Cooper was still awake (but in his bed mind you), so I let him go outside to see the deer.  He was so excited and said, "I'm so pwoud of you, Daddy!"

Saturday morning Matt and I dropped the kids off to spend the night with Grammy and Pop while we headed to Tallahassee for our annual FSU game!

Renegade is my favorite part!

It was a 3:30 game against Wake Forest, and we (thankfully) pulled out a win.  Those 'Noles were playing a crazy game!

After the game, we hit up Starbucks for a late dinner for the drive back.

While we were gone, the kids had a blast eating a bonfire dinner with Grammy and Pop!

Sunday morning, Matt and I got to sleep in (and all the parents said hallelujah), and the kids went to church with Grammy and Pop.

Our day was filled with chores and laundry, but we ended Fall Break with a fun activity - baking Halloween cookies!

Each kid got to decorate their own batch, and they both did a fantastic job!

That's a wrap on Fall Break 2016!  Now we're counting down the days to Thanksgiving Break (24 more to go if you're wondering - haha).  You can read all about our Fall Break last year HERE!


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