Monday, August 4, 2014

Peach Shed

For the past few summers, I've seen/heard on social media about friends going to local peach sheds for homemade ice cream and fresh peaches.  I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of peaches, but I really wanted to go this year for the experience!  Plus, just because I don't love peaches doesn't mean that the rest of my family feels the same way!  I looked on Facebook at some sheds near by, and we decided to go to one on a Saturday morning.  The shed that we picked also had old trucks outside, so I knew that Cooper would love it.

It was only about a 25 minute drive for us (which isn't bad) to get there.  Where did Cooper go right away??  Yep!  Straight for the trucks!

Grammy met us there, and the first thing on our agenda was ice cream!!  Matt ordered two kinds: peach (duh) and blueberry.  Well, they messed up our order and gave us peach and strawberry. I'm actually happy that they messed it up because the strawberry ice cream was amazing.  We also got some peach lemon aid that was fantastic.

Cooper was actually more interested in running back and forth to the cars then he was about the ice cream.

After we finished our treats it was time to pick out some peaches to take home.  Grammy did a great job at teaching LL how to know if the peach was a "good" peach or not.

We really had the best morning.  We will have to put this on our summer bucket list every year!


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