Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Girls' Trip to Atlanta

One of the things that I wanted to make sure to do this summer was take a trip to Atlanta.  We haven't been as a family since December of 2012 (!!).  I went up there this past December for about 5 seconds after the Justin Timberlake concert, but other than that we haven't been there at all.  It didn't work out for all of us to go for a weekend since Matt took so much time off for Jamaica.  I still wanted something to work out, so that turned into me and LL going for a girl's trip!  We left on a Thursday around lunch to make it there in early evening.

We're ready to go!!

We got there around 4:00.  The kids played for a while, and then we headed to Papa John's for pizza.  We were just getting it to go, but we ordered it there so the kids got to watch them making it and throwing up the dough.  It was like their own private show.  They loved it!  After dinner we did more playing, baths, books, and then bed.  LL loves that Aunt Laura is a blast for bath and books.  

The next morning, we all got ready for a fun day: revolution donuts for breakfast, Ikea, school shopping, and Planes 2!  Aunt Laura had to work for just a little bit Friday morning, so the kids and I got ready and played in Ben's room while she was on some calls.  My silly girl just wouldn't do a regular smile for me.  :)

We drove to Revolution Donuts for a late breakfast and it was awesome.  They have some really awesome flavors and a lot of the donuts are made with yeast so they're very dense.  They also make everything by hand - and you can tell!  The place is also super popular.  When we got there, the line to order was all the way to the door (and only got longer as we were there).  It was worth it though because the donuts were amazing!

Here are the different kinds we tried:
top row: vanilla bean (my favorite!) and a buttermilk bar
middle row: the crunchy mister (with meat and cheese) and a cinnamon sugar
bottom row: two raspberry sprinkles for the kids

They also have pretty awesome chocolate milk that they make in house using cocoa powder.

After revolution donuts we went to Ikea (where I didn't take any pictures).  After Ikea we went back to Aunt Laura's house for lunch.  Then, while Ben napped, Aunt Laura and I took LL to Target and did school shopping for both kids.  LL got to pick out her backpack and lunchbox for school and (while it is not what I would have picked), she was so excited.

I also got Cooper a tiny backpack while we were there.  He's old enough that I don't need a huge diaper bag anymore, and this way he can carry his own stuff.  ;)

That evening we had plans to go see Planes 2.  We went to an awesome theatre that had recliners for everyone.  I took LL to see the first Planes a few years ago, but I didn't love it.  I thought the second one was much better!  But it could have been that we were just super comfortable.  ;)

After the kids went to bed, I got some snuggle time with Uncle Gino that he was super pumped about.

The next morning we woke up with another full day planned!  First up: Catch Air!  It was an awesome indoor play zone where the kids had a blast!

The blur on the slide is LL.  ;)

After Catch Air, we headed to the Mall of GA for some lunch and light shopping.  We promised the kids that if they did good while we shopped, they would get to ride the carousel.  Of course they did awesome.  While we were getting on the carousel, I actually got stopped by someone who reads the blog (Hi, Mindy!)!  That's happened to me before at home a few times, but never so far from home.  It was cool!  

After the mall, we headed back to the house just long enough to change for our dinner adventure: Medieval Times!  I had wanted to do this so bad on this trip because I just knew LL would love it.

In our seats and ready for the show!  We were on the team for the black and white knight.

LL was super special because our knight threw her a flower during the show!!  She was so proud of this flower and talked a ton about how the knight threw it just to her because she's special.  I think she experienced her first crush.  ;)

She also got another flower from our waiter!  She was a lucky girl!

I was right - LL had an absolute blast at the show (and so did Ben!).  It was so worth it to go.  The next morning we hung out at the house a little bit, and then we left to go back home at lunch time.  When we left, we actually took Ben with us.  When we got back to Valdosta, we dropped him off at Oma and Opa's house for a week.  

This was a much-needed girl's trip.  LL and I both had a blast (and hopefully Aunt Laura, Uncle Gino, and Ben did, too).


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