Thursday, April 1, 2010

To Do List

Don't "they" say (just for you, Dad!) that if you write goals and to-do lists down that you're more likely to actually get those things done?  Well, here's worth trying!  I've been crazy behind on blogging and I have a whole list of topics that I need to blog on.  I'm hoping that if I write all of those down here that I will be more likely to do it quickly and that (maybe!) others might help keep me accountable and motivate me.  So here's a list of upcoming blog posts:

  1. painted toenails
  2. hairstyles
  3. reading
  4. teeth
  5. day at the park
  6. Lola's suicide attempt and Bono's snake
  7. Easter pictures
  8. Easter Eggs
  9. Baking Easter Cookies
  10. Becky's clothes
  11. Mommy and Me
  12. Beth Moore
  13. Easter
  14. My Birthday
  15. Mother's Day
  16. Ben's Visit
  17. Cherry Blossom Festival Trip
  18. Matt's Birthday
And I'm contemplating starting a new "series" on here.  Not a new blog, just a new topic (?) that doesn't really follow our lives or LL.  What is it?  The following of our neighbors.  I really have SO much that I could blog about and it reall is pretty funny (and sometimes annoying/stupid) stuff.  But I haven't completely decided yet.  So we'll see.  First I need to work on these 11 topics!

1 comment:

Emily said...

i have a little notecard by my computer that i put all the ideas i have for blog entries on..I LOVE lists and LOVE marking things off the lists, maybe that will help!!! :)