Monday, April 19, 2010

Lola's Suicide Attempt and Bono the Snake Killer

Matt and I alwasy joke around that Lola tries to kill herself at least twice a year.While we do laugh and think it's kind of funny, it really is pretty true! We've had so many "near death" experiences with her in the almost 6 (wow!) years that we've had her, that we just know to expect these suicide attempts. Here's a quick run down of the suicide attempts from the past (the ones that are on the top of my head, anyway): eating bug spray, eating over a pound of chocolate and having to be rushed to the emergency vet in Atlanta (we were up there on vacation), eating something (we still have no idea, grapes or raisins maybe) that shut her liver down to the point that they didn't know if it would restart itself again, eating Bono's dosage in doggy Tylenol (3x Lola's dosage), eating 4 bricks of charcoal, eating an entire bag of wood chips, and the list really goes on and on!

Since our neighbor burned up our yard (post still to come, I promise!) the grass around the bottom of our fence is gone, and Lola can get out! Thanks, Jambalaya! She seriously gets out 216854621 times a day if we put her outside at all. One day I drove home from work and Lola was running around the neighbor's yard. I just stopped the car in the road, opened the door (Lola saw me coming) and she hopped in the car and rode the rest of the way (about 100 feet) to the house with me. We got out and went inside and started playing with Matt and LL in LL's room.

After a couple of minutes of playing, I noticed that there was a little spot of blood on LL's ottoman. We started checking LL to make sure that it wasn't coming from her first. We couldn't see anything at all! Then we looked Lola over, too, and she looked fine! A minute or two later, Lola was standing by Matt and she shook her head and Matt had little blood droplets all over him!! We started looking her over and realized that there was a puncture wound on the back of her neck. I took her into the bathroom and started cleaning her up to see how bad it was, and I realized that this was deep!! I was really scared. I let Matt take over since I'm not good in really scary situations (even if it's my dog) and he said he didn't think it was that bad. We decided not to take her to the vet and just see if we could handle it ourselves. We used Matt's clippers to shave the hair around it, put some Neosporin on it, put gauze on it, and wrapped it in an old ace bandage. Luckily after a few days she was as good as new. Turns out, she punctured it on the underside of the fence during her "escape" that afternoon.

That same day, Matt called me outside to see Bono's "prize". Ugh! A snake! One had slithered into our fenced in part of the backyard, so Bono killed it! It was huge! I don't know how he didn't get bitten! He was so proud of himself, though. I'm just glad he didn't get hurt!

Hopefully we're done on suicide attempts (for both dogs) for a while now!

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Emily said...

wow you guys are brave to handle that bloody mess yourselves! i think we would have been heading to the vet!!!!!