Monday, July 13, 2009

Atlanta Trip

Matt, Lorelai and I went up to Atlanta this past weekend from Thursday to Saturday. This was our last opportunity to spent some time with my sister before Meatball gets here. It was also a good time for Gino to spend some time with LL and really get to know her. We went up there when LL was 2 months old, but Gino was really sick and didn't get to spend any time with her at all. He really hasn't seen her since she was a month old! She's changed so much since then!

We did really good on the ride up there. Our plan was to leave right before nap time and to stop at the Bass Pro in Macon. This would be right about 2 to 2 1/2 hours into our trip. We would stop, walk around, and feed Lorelai. Once we got on the road, though, we decided that it would be best to just drive straight there. I wanted to get there before it was time for bath/bed and if we stopped, it would be pushing it mighty close. So we just drove straight through and I just fed her in her car seat while we were driving. I don't really like to do this, but it works if we need it to. We got there in a little under 4 hours. This is amazing considering that when we came up when she was 2 months, it took us 6 hours because we had to stop so much! This was so much better! When we go there, everyone got to play with her a little, but then it was nap time. I got her down for her nap and then Laura and I left to go to Babies R Us. I wish we had one here because I can spend HOURS in there!

Sleeping on the way there.

Happy to almost be in Atlanta!

While I was there, I decided to go ahead and buy LL some cereal. I've really been thinking that she's ready for it. At her 4 month appt, her dr suggested that we wait, but since that appointment she's been eating so much more than she was. I've talked to Matt and my mom about it and my mom gave me some really good advice. She said, "You know, Robyn, she's YOUR child. You don't have to have permission to do something with her. If you want to give her cereal, give her cereal!" I know it sounds so simple, but I always seem to think that I have to have "permission" to do things with my own child. I don't need to be that way! Matt and I talked about it on the way up to Atlanta and we decided that we'd start her on it and if her fluid intake started dropping because of it, then we'd stop and go back to just formula.

Friday morning we decided to try it out of the first time. It was so funny! She didn't hate it, but she sure didn't like it. I just think that she really didn't know what to do with it. I mean, all she's ever had before is liquid and now she's got something in her mouth that is completely unlike anything else that she's ever had before! We got it on tape and took a bunch of pictures.


After we gave her cereal, my sister left for work. Gino had gone in super early so that he could get off at lunch and Laura knew that she wouldn't be able to get off early, so she just went in a little later. This worked out good because LL was able to stay on her routine and get a good nap in that morning. That was my major goal for this trip - to stay on routine as much as possible! After she woke up from her nap, we fed her and then met both Laura and Gino at Discover Mills for lunch. Matt wanted to go to Bass Pro (duh!) and I wanted to do some clothes shopping. I really really really want a better work wardrobe, but there's no way that I can do it all at once with our budget so I've been trying to just get a little here and there over the summer. Plus, I get SO TIRED of shopping in Valdosta because everyone has the SAME thing! There is this store in Atlanta (and other bigger cities) called Charlotte Russe that I absolutely love and there is an outlet in Discover Mills!

We ate lunch with them and then Matt went to shop at Bass Pro and LL and I headed clothes shopping. She did so good in her big girl stroller! She was so happy to be facing forwards and to be able to look at so much! In the dressing room she just watched me changed clothes and was just a doll. I got 3 shirts and 2 pairs of earring at Charlotte Russe for $70 - not bad! After we left Charlotte Russe, it was about time for Lorelai's nap. I just put down the back of the stroller so that she was laying down instead of sitting and she was asleep in no more than 5 minutes. Perfect! There is also a Carter's outlet in Discover Mills and they're just changing over from summer to fall. I got LL some great 9 month clothes that she needed. Just some long-sleeve onesies and jeans and shirt/pants outfits. We have been so blessed that we have been given SO MANY clothes for this little girl! BUT, that being said, we have hardly anything for her that is bigger than 6-9 months. And the 6-9 months if far and few between. AND what we DO have is geared more towards summer than fall. I was excited to do some fall shopping. I walked completely around Discover Mills while Matt shopped. That entire ring is a mile. I was happy to get in some exercise while pushing the stroller! Because we live on a dirt road, I don't get to push LL in her stroller nearly as much as I would like.

After shopping, we headed home to meet Gino. We stayed home the rest of the day and just spend time together, played a really fun game called "Buzz" and ate dinner. When Laura got home from work her feet were extremely swollen. It really scared me because when I pushed on them, the indention of my finger stayed and I know that that can be a sign of pre-eclampsia. So we made her lay down on the couch with her feet propped up for the rest of the evening. It really scared me, but they were better by the morning.

Spending time with Aunt Laura and Meatball!

In the morning, we got up and Gino took some 5 month pictures of LL. He took her 1 month shots and did a GREAT job, but I was so excited for him to take some new ones because she's changed so much since then! After that, she took her nap, we packed up, and then we headed home!

My favorite!

Another favorite!

We had such a great trip and I can't believe that the next time that I see my sister she'll be a mommy!

Kissing Meatball goodbye!

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