Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

This fourth of July was very special for us. Besides the fact that it was Lorelai's first, Matt's best friend Grant was in town visiting from Texas. It's been right at about two years since the last time we've seen Grant, and obviously it was his first time to see Lorelai. We were very excited for him to come in town for another reason, also - he brought along is fiance, Corey! They just got engaged last week and are planning to get married over Thanksgiving. She is so sweet and seems like a perfect match for Grant!
Grant and Corey got in town Saturday around 4:00 and they met us over at Matt's parent's house. We were going to do a big cookout at our house like we did last year, but we had a lot of people cancel, so we just decided to cook out at Matt's parent's house instead.
The 4th was momentous for another reason - it was the first day that I could actually get a bow to stay in LL's hair! I've been looking forward to bows since before she was born, so this was a big deal for me!
We ate dinner there and made it home for bed time. We didn't do any fireworks or go out for any. LL was a little off of her schedule and I really wanted her in bed on time and Grant and Corey were exhausted from traveling all the way from Texas. We did have a great 4th, though and I can't wait for next year when LL will be even more aware of what is going on!

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Emily said...

i LOVE the bow! how exciting! we're so alike it's not funny as I hated Kye being off schedule on sat too and it was fun but it made me pumped for next year when he'll hopefully be more involved in all the fun of it ya know?