Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Word!

I was home for Fall Break Monday - Wednesday, October 12-14.  Of course my only goal was to stay home and play with my baby!  While cooking dinner that Monday night, Matt and I got a great surprise!  Lorelai said her first word!!  She's been "saying" things for awhile now, but we knew she never really understood what she was saying.  I was cooking in the kitchen, and Matt was in the living room with LL.  Matt was on the couch and Lorelai was standing up on the floor, holding on to the couch.  Lola walked into the room and jumped up onto the couch and walked over to Matt.  When she did, LL started "walking" towards Matt saying "Lola, Lola" as plain as day!  I could even hear it in the kitchen!  She definitely knew what she was saying!  She was walking towards Lola as she was saying it, too!  A couple of days later, we got it on video!

Since then, she's been saying "Mama" very consistently, but only when she's upset (haha!).  She says it at night when she's trying to go to sleep, in the morning when she's wanting to get out of her crib, any time she gets hurt or upset, and almost every time that she sees me walk out of the room.  Of course, I'm loving it!  We're very sure that she's equating the "Mama" sound with me, because she won't do it with Matt at all.  We don't have that on video, yet (because who videos their child when they're upset?!), but I hope we will soon!

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