Monday, March 11, 2019

Disney Springs

If you missed the other days of our trip, you can check them out here:

Our last morning was a mostly just a travel day.  I did make reservations for us at Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs at 11:00.  We got up, ready, and to Disney Springs by 10:00 (when the stores opened) to do a little bit of shopping before lunch.

First up?  A coffee stop!  Cooper didn't want anything and decided to take a rest while we ordered - haha.

I posted this on instagram, but I'll post it again here.  When LL was little, I remember thinking that I wanted the baby/toddler stage to stay forever because I didn't think the preteen/teenager stage could ever compare.  I was so wrong, friends.  I love this girl, and the stage that she is in, so very much.  The toddler stage is fun and super cute, but there is beauty in growing up.

LL has been all about the Lego Friends lately, so she was excited to see all the girls.  Also - one of these things is not like the other.  ;)

The cute picture for mommy...

...and the silly picture for Cooper.  His face seriously cracks me up so much.

When I went to take this picture, he did this pose all on his own.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said "posing like Woody"!  Ha!  This seriously cracks me up!

This was our first family visit to Planet Hollywood, and it was a huge hit!  We had a blast looking around, and the kids were so pumped to find Kevin's sled from Home Alone!

This was an epic bbq sandwich!

LL liked seeing this dress...but then I realized that I don't think she's actually seen the movie?!

I made a fun video of our trip to remember all of our fun!  Check it out!

We all had so much fun at Disney, and we for sure won't be waiting as long to go back!

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