Tuesday, January 1, 2019

December Randoms

We had a lot of fun Christmas activities planned during the month of December, but we also had quite a bit of random things in the month that didn't make it into a post of their own:

What We've Been Up To:
Once again, the memes were killing it this month!

TWICE this month I caught the kids touching (without screaming) while watching TV this month.  It was a Christmas miracle!

I'm starting the process of moving a lot of our cleaning supplies over to Theives this month!

Matt and I were able to sneak in a lunch date to Chicken Salad Chick this month.

LL woke up at about 4am one morning not feeling good (which led to throwing up) - and of course Matt was out of town that day!

Aspyn was a good snuggle buddy for LL when she was sick.

Our school has quite a few guinea pigs - haha.  This one is not mine, but I went and got her during planning for some snuggle while I worked at my desk.

So accurate!

I bought Lola a new bed this month.  She loved it, but I ended up having to take it back because it was just a tad too little.

I got my first ugly Christmas sweater!

LL and I have started reading Harry Potter together this month.  We've been having "family reading time", and Cooper has a knack for falling asleep during it - haha.

Another day, another Harry Potter nap victim.

My sister came in town and we had a double date night to do another escape room.  We did one way back in March, and we didn't get out.  This time, we got out with 58 seconds left!

Release was a new oil that I ordered this month, and I used it in a roller bottle for Cooper.

We've had sewer line issues twice now since we moved in...and of course it happened the second time about 45 minutes after Matt left to go out of town.  Thankfully, he turned around and got it fixed for me!

More guinea pigs while getting work done!

My dad wanted to take the kids out of town to look at Christmas lights, but they don't have a car big enough to take the kids on a trip with.  They borrowed mine, and I asked my step-mom to get a picture of my dad driving a Ford.

While the kids were out looking at lights, Matt and I got a date night in!  We finally used a gift card that we got when we bought our house in May!

I had a major baking day where I made 160 chocolate chip cookies to give as Christmas gifts!

They are seriously the best chocolate chip cookies ever...and they're huge!

I help out with the Bee Club at school, and we made candles out of bees wax from our own hives this month!  It was so cool!  We had enough for each student to take a candle home.

One of the clubs at school came around one morning close to Christmas and served each teacher with hot chocolate and a cookie - it was such a sweet way (ha!) to start my day!

One of the guinea pigs at school was pregnant, and I got a call one evening around 6:30 that she was having her babies, so I rushed up there to see.  They are so small and so adorable!

For all of November and December, 8th grade Science at my school has been working on a forensics unit to help solve who kidnapped Rudolph.  As I was leaving the night that I went up there to see the guinea pig babies, I saw this as I was walking out.  All the teachers started out as suspects, but the students narrowed it down to five - I was shocked to see my face on the suspect list! (Spoiler alert: I didn't do it!)

LL has been dying to see the guinea pig babies, so we went over Christmas break to visit them.  They are still so tiny and cute, and LL loves them!

You know you love your students when you spend an evening making pigs in a blanket for them.

Sweet Hadley came over before Christmas so that we could give her her Christmas present (which was bigger than she is).

She loved it!

Our elves, Sparkle and Michael Jackson, got up to some crazy stuff this month!

This is 100% how Matt and I are.

I spent the first day of Christmas break with a killer migraine, but hot chocolate always makes things better!

It was no shock to me when I took an enneagram test and came out as a number 1.  I sent this bingo game to Matt because it is soooo accurate.

I pretty much ate like crap from Thanksgiving to Christmas, but 2019 is coming in with some HUGE health goals!

Matt and I watched BirdBox one night, and I laughed when I saw this.

Meghan and I met at the park one day to let the kids play, and Cooper and Luke came prepared with Nerf guns!

Afterward we all went to lunch at DQ and then to WalMart together.  #bffgoals 

Gigi and I had been trying to take the kids to Wild Adventures a few different times, and it kept falling through.  We finally made it happen one evening!

This is the most precious picture. I absolutely love it.

Old lady Lola.  We took her on a walk one night and it wore her slam out!

My sister and I used to sing this song alllll the time when she was in college and I was in middle school (which is terrible now that I think about it), so I loved this meme!

We wanted to go to lunch after church one Sunday, so we took the kids to Cracker Barrel.  We never go eat there, and we realized this was Cooper's first time ever!  LL has been as a baby, but not in a loooong time.  It was a hit with both kids!

I had a Zulily credit and got this shirt for myself - nothing has ever been more accurate for my personal or professional life.

Kayla, Andrew, and Hadley came over for dinner on New Years Eve.  Hadley is sooo tiny (only 16 lbs at 8 months old), so it's so funny to see her standing all on her own!

All three of us celebrated together last year, too, Hadley was just still in the womb.  :)

That is a wrap on both December AND 2018!!

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