Thursday, January 3, 2019

2018 Recap

At the end of 2017, I just had a feeling that 2018 was going to be an epic year for us.  It just felt like BIG things were coming, and Matt and I so looked forward to this whole year and seeing what it had in store for us.  Boy, 2018 did not disappoint!  God showed up in some BIG ways, and we had about as many BIG changes as we could possibly have!  Looking back at 2018, it was an absolutely incredible year for us.  It doesn't mean that there weren't low points along the way, but it just had so so many high points.  Here's a look back at our "Gatsby year".

Almost as soon as January started, we had the biggest snow fall that south Georgia has seen in the last 30 years!  It was so fun to be home as a family and see the kids experience real snow!  We also had Matt's (belated) work Christmas party that was in a Vegas theme.  One of the Christmas presents that we got for the kids was a trip to Jacksonville to see Marvel Avengers Live.  We took Cooper a few years ago by himself, and we thought it would be fun to go back with LL.  We all loved it and had a great time!  Cooper and I ended the month with having a mommy/Cooper date night!

We kicked off February with LL's 9th birthday!  She and Matt also went to their annual Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance.  My sister and I had an absolutely amazing girl's trip to Las Vegas.  Getting on stage with Penn and Teller was one of the coolest moments ever!  I also had my first experience at an escape room with my friends - and loved it!

Spring is always a busy time for us, and we love it!  We had the Bunny Hop at Cooper's school as well as a Easter Festival at church.  LL and I hosted a baby shower for Mrs. Kayla and Jelly Bean - and it was the first baby shower that LL had ever been to!  I took the day off to go to Cooper's class Easter egg hunt with him, and we had the best time together.  We also had some low-key fun like hanging out with friends and going fishing!

We kicked off April with Spring Break - which was full of several trips to the strawberry patch and Wild Adventures to feed the giraffes!  We got in our first swim of the season when the weather warmed up a little.  We had a super crazy month when we put our house on the market and got a full price offer in just NINE days!!  Two days later, we put an offer in on our new house!  We ended the month with adding a sweet new baby to the friend family!

May was an insane and amazing month for us!!  Matt and I started the month doing something that we've never done before - a mud run! We loved it and can't wait to do it again this year!  A huge dream came true for me this month when I was offered my dream job at my dream school.  I accepted whole-heartedly and was so excited to work in the same school system that Matt and I graduated from!  We celebrated the end of school for both kids - 3rd grade for LL and the last year of preschool for Cooper (which means Preschool Graduation!).  Right after school got out, we had a HUGE day - we sold our old house and bought our new house...all within the span of 4 hours!!  As if the month couldn't get any bigger - we left for a CRUISE with the kids the day after we closed on our new house!  After an amazing few days in the Caribbean with the kids and my sister and her family, we came home to move into our new house!

June was a fun month filled with summer and settling into our new house!  We spent a lot of time with friends, and that is one of our favorite parts about summer.  We also took two trips this month: one trip to the beach with Grammy and Pop and one huge friends trip to Orlando with the Parker's!  At the end of the month, we celebrated Cooper's turning 6 years old!

July was another more relaxed month for us.  There was one pretty big event for us this month when Matt started his new job!  He started a new position with medical device sales and loves it!  We had fun celebrating the 4th of July with friends, and doing annual activities like visiting the firestation, going to the peach shed, and dressing up like cows and going to Chik-Fil-A!

August was a month of firsts for us - my first day at my new job, LL's first day of 4th grade, Cooper's first day of Kindergarten, and the first day at a new school for all of us!  We also had quite a bit of fun this month: We went to Atlanta for Ben's 9th birthday, and I went to a Taylor Swift concert with friends while we were there!

The biggest thing that happened in September is so so special to our family - LL asked Jesus into her heart and got baptized!  There is no greater joy as a parent that seeing your child invite Christ into their lives!  We also celebrated Matt's 20 year highschool reunion this month.  We took a spontaneous trip to Jacksonville with my sister and her family to see MonsterJam.  We also had some pretty fun dress-up days at school!

Thankfully, October was a slower month for us.  Cooper and I kicked off the month with a Mommy/Cooper weekend to Atlanta.  LL also started gymnastics this month.  She did gymnastics for a while when she was younger, but we stopped until she was old enough to really put in the work.  She asked to start again and is loving it so far!  We also had fun going to the pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating with our friends!

November wasn't super busy, but it was a big travel month.  I took an epic 4 day girl's trip to NYC with some of my best friends.  We also went to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with my sister.  LL joined choir at her school a few months ago, and her Christmas program was this month, too!

December is always a fun month for us - we fit in as many Christmas activities as we could.  We also had a re-do at an escape room with my sister.  We did a different room than last time, but this time we got out with 58 seconds to spare!  We had the best Christmas in our new house, and we had a good time bringing in the new year with friends!

Looking back, 2018 was truly an amazing year for our family in so many ways.  Seeing the whole picture, I'm just at awe in how God was working on so many different things at different times for us.  I don't see how 2019 could top 2018 - and I'm looking forward to just focusing on being content in 2019.  I want to make improvements (on my health, our house, relationships, etc), but I also want to be content with the stage of life that we're in and where God has us now!

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