Saturday, December 22, 2018

November Randoms

The end part of 2018 is genuinely flying by!  Here are all of the random things from November that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

What We Were Up To:
There are so many benefits to the new school system that the kids and I are part of this year.  One of the biggest benefits to the kids is that they have so many more opportunities than in our old system.  And example?  Archery Club.  Matt is an avid hunter and he hunts with both a bow and a gun.  This means that the kids have grown up seeing both in our house.  When LL realized that there was an archery club in her new school, she wanted to join.  We signed her up, and she had a great time practicing and getting better over about a 6-week period!

The Smith family came over one night, and LL was in baby Heaven with sweet Sophie Matilda!

Cooper and John Aiden played so hard, that this is how we found Cooper.  You know he had a good time when 1- he put himself to sleep on our bed in the middle of watching a movie with JA, and 2- he used a pillow case as a blanket - haha.

Wal-Mart grocery pick-up is my jam.  If you haven't tried this yet, you are missing out.

Matt and I had to navigate through a rough situation this month (not with each other), and I came home one day to some beautiful flowers.

LL and Cooper were playing school one day, and Cooper found his old behavior card from preschool.  He came downstairs to let me know he made good choices at school and was on green - haha.

This is seriously one of my favorite things to eat: whole wheat english muffin, avocado, and a fried egg.

I'm not usually a "decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving" kind of girl, but I was feeling it and ready for Christmas this year!

My American duty!

When I saw this on social media, it made me laugh because it is so true!

Cooper and I ended up at a walk-in clinic one night because I thought there was a really good possibility he had croup.  I was about to leave for my trip to New York, so I wanted to know what was going on before I left.  Thankfully, I think we're growing out of croup.  He had laryngitis instead (which came with a pretty nasty croup-sounding cough).

Passing the time in the doctors office...

Sad?  Probably.  True?  Yes.

Cooper learned how to draw stars this month and was obsessed with drawing them everywhere!

This dog annoys the snot out of me, but she is so good with the kids.  It's her saving grace.

When I got back from New York, I didn't feel like cooking the next night, so we went out to dinner to celebrate me being home.  We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant (where we've never taken the kids before) and they loved it and had a great time talking to the waitress.  They taught her some English words and she taught them some Spanish words!

Along with archery, LL also joined choir at her school this year.  She had her Christmas program in December and she did such a great job!  She even had a speaking part that she memorized all on her own without help from us.

The whole family came out to support our sweet girl.

It may be bad to admit, but it's also highly accurate.

Home Improvement DIY - our dryer broke, and while Matt had it pulled apart, I was in charge of vacuuming all of the lint out of the crazy places inside.

Why these things don't already come with bending abilities will continue to confuse me.


Gigi picked Cooper up from school one day for me, and then sent me this picture.  Froyo before dinner?  The perks of being with your grandmother!

So proud of my hubby - our dryer completely quit heating up.  He not only found the problem, but ordered the parts and fixed it himself...all for about $30!

Group OOTD pic.  :)

I seriously have the best work family!

And the sweetest students!  Random Christmas cookies to make my day!

Matt and I get each other ornaments every year.  This year, mine came with coffee - haha.

OOTD (outfits of the day):
I love my new school shirt - it says "choose kind" on the back.

I haven't been the best at keeping up with my working out, but I'm still going some!  (watch out 2019)

(shirt is still in stock at Loft)

(shirt is still in stock at Loft)

(shirt is still in stock at Loft)

(shirt is still in stock at Loft)

(shirt is still in stock at Loft)

(cardigan is still in stock at Loft)

That's a wrap for November!  Come on, Christmas!

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Ashleigh said...

And in 2018, you became the mama to a New Guinea Pig!!

Love you and thankful for you, friend!!!