Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New York - Day 3

If you missed the first two days of our trip to New York, you can read day 1 HERE and day 2 HERE.

Day 3 had the theme of "lots of unplanned things happening" - haha.  Initially, our plan for the third day was to go to the Today Show first thing in the morning.  Once we got there and started talking about it (and realized how cold it is), we decided that getting up at 5 am and standing in the freezing cold wasn't exactly how we wanted to spend our morning.

Illusion Pop-Up Museum
Before we even left for the trip, Emily found an article about different pop-up museums in NYC for the month of November.  There were a few that looked interesting, but based on prices and available tickets, we ended up at an Illusion Museum that morning instead of the Today Show.

I was feeling a little nauseated this morning (it usually happens when I travel), so the first part of this museum wasn't exactly the best thing for me - haha.  I took some medicine when we got there and I was good to go about 30 minutes later.

This one cracked me up.  There is a solid wall where I'm standing and taking the picture with just a cut-out window to take the picture.  Even just looking through the window, nothing looks weird.  When you take the picture though, the illusion really comes through!

Looking down hundreds of feet or just a few inches?

A riveting game of cards with...myself.  ;)

This little tunnel was really cool to look down and see each other!

This was one of those illusions that really worked the best for just me and Emily.  If you were standing to the side (like Katie), or taking a picture, it just didn't translate as well.  But looking straight on, it was pretty cool!

Off with our heads!

This illusion was my favorite by far.  I was having so much stinkin' fun.  It was also hilarious because Emily and Katie could not figure this one out at all.  Basically, I had to walk them through each one and, even during the process of it, they really had no concept of what was happening - haha.

Our last illusion of the day!

Chelsea Market
When we got done with the museum, we were right across the street from Chelsea Market and we had a few minutes to spare, so we walked down to check it out.

Right across the street was Google!

You can't go to NY and not get a bagel! (Except I didn't - haha.  I did try theirs, though!)

One thing that is so interesting to me about NY is that all of the different areas have completely different vibes to them.  This area of Chelsea was so different from our previous two days.  It wasn't as "touristy", but it was a neat place to walk around.

The Mickey Pop-Up was sold out for the day, but Emily still got to stop by and say hi.

NBC Studios
After our time at the museum and Chelsea, we hopped in an Uber and made our way to the NBC studios and Rockefeller Center because we had tickets for a behind-the-scenes NBC tour.

We walked past Radio City Music Hall on the way!

Also in our initial plans for the day, we left the evening open because we got on the list for both Fallon and Meyers for tickets for a taping that night.  Katie signed us up as soon as the wait-list opened, but we didn't end up getting tickets for either.  The night before, we ended up buying last minute tickets for The Phantom of the Opera since our plans didn't end up happening.

I've got my pin and I'm ready for the tour!

We watched a short little video before the tour started, but this is the last picture that I took because pictures weren't allowed on the tour.  Overall, it was okay.  The tour was interesting (and which studios you tour depend on what is or is not filming that day), but it wasn't quite as exciting as I thought that it would be.  We were super hoping that we would get to see the SNL set (and it was kind of implied when we bought the tickets), but we didn't.  It was interesting, but it wasn't something that I would necessarily do again or recommend to others to do.

We may have skipped standing outside of The Today Show, but we'll still take a picture behind the desk!

While we were waiting for the tour to start, we were approached by a woman asking us if we wanted to come for the wait list for Fallon (not a guarantee to see the show).  Obviously we couldn't because we already bought tickets for Phantom.  After we saw her, we ran into another lady in the gift shop who was signing people up to see Seth Meyer's rehearsal monologue.  Basically, the audience seats about 200 for the actual taping, but they take about 60 people earlier in the day to listen to all the jokes and determine what should be used that night and what shouldn't.  So if he typically tells 10 jokes, in the rehearsal, he'll tell 30 and how the audience reacts determines which ones they keep.  This was such a win for us because the timing didn't interfere with our Phantom tickets and we would still get to be in the audience of a show (just the rehearsal for it). 

Just like the tour, we weren't allowed to take pictures in the rehearsal.  But we seriously had an amazing time!  And while we waited (prior) we bought hats in the hopes of drawing more attention to ourselves.  Well - it worked!  After the rehearsal, he ran over to us on his own, chatted for a second while he signed our hats and then he left!  It was so awesome!  I'm pretty sure everyone else in the rehearsal was wishing they had bought hats, too!

I called Matt as soon as we were out to let him know I had just met Seth Meyer!  After getting on stage with Penn and Teller in Vegas, Matt was not shocked at all that something else crazy like this happened to me!

Even though pictures weren't allowed, the girl in front of us did snap one in secret during the rehearsal.

Broadway Show #3 - The Phantom of the Opera
After the monologue rehearsal, we had just a little bit of time to head back to the hotel and change and grab a bite to eat before The Phantom. 

The view from our room at night was beautiful!

Our Uber drive dropped us off at the theatre, and we figured we would just get something to eat from a vendor really quickly.  Another lucky break was that there was a Shake Shack right across the street and there was zero line.  All the stars were aligning for us this day!

This was mine and Katie's first time ever at a Shake Shack!

I got a hot dog and a root beer float.  Hot dog - not great.  Root beer float - amazing - haha.

One of the guys that was helping clean up came over to chat with us for a minute.  Emily mentioned that she didn't actually get a milkshake at Shake Shack, so he went and made her his favorite kind and brought it to her!  Who says New Yorker's are mean?  We seriously encountered some of the nicest people on our trip!

We are ready for our third Broadway show in NYC!

The theater was so so detailed and beautiful!

All the items ready for the auction!

Emily had seen Phantom in New York before, but this was my first time.

I know that especially compared to some of the newer shows, the older style of Phantom isn't for everyone, but ya'll.  I loved it.

Emily and Katie bought Christmas CD's that had songs from all of the casts that we saw.

While so many of the things that we did on day 3 were not planned, it ended up being so incredibly fun! 

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