Monday, November 19, 2018

New York - Day 1

I honestly don't remember how it started, but about a year ago, a group of us started talking about taking a girl's trip to New York.  We talked about it on and off for months, and over the course of talking, the group of who was going changed several times.  When it finally came time not just talk about it but to actually book it (haha), the group came to just three of us - me, Katie, and Emily.  A larger group would have been fun, but this group of three was just great with us!  We all do so well together (and have been through a lot together over the years), so this little core group was pumped for our trip!

We scheduled our trip for a Saturday - Tuesday and really tried to pack in as many things as we could during those four days.  Here's a look at the first day of our trip:

My new house is only about 5 minutes away from Emily, so I picked her up bright and early at 4:30am for our flight.

I've actually never flown out of the Valdosta airport before.  I didn't love getting up so early, but I did love that it only took 30 minutes to get to Atlanta!  Walking straight on to the plane was pretty cool, too!

None of our seat selections were rows of three, so we ended up having to split up on all of our flights.  For the first flight, Katie and I sat together right up front.  I'm a pretty nervous traveler, and Katie has a super chill personality, so that made for a great combination for the flight.

It was pretty cool flying over Atlanta!

We had about an hour and a half layover in Atlanta before our next flight to Newark.  Seeing the sunrise from the plane was just beautiful!

We made it to Newark!

We had a bit of a hiccup with getting our Uber at the airport, but finally we were on our way.  It was about a 45 minute drive from the airport to our hotel in New York.  Well - it was supposed to be about 45 minutes.  We possibly had the world's slowest driver - so it actually took more like an hour and a half.  We could see the city as soon as we left the airport - NYC we're coming for you!

Times Square
When we got to the hotel, our room wasn't quite ready to check-in.  We left our bags there and walked to Times Square.  We were ready to sight-see and get some lunch!

Our hotel was only about 5 blocks from Times Square, so it wasn't a long walk at all.

We made it!

I don't know how he was doing this this day - it was freezing!  The temperature was in the 30's!

We ended up getting lunch at this waffle place that was smack in the middle of Times Square.  I'm still not quite sure what was on my waffle - but it was amazing!

My waffle had some kind of spread on it (not peanut butter, and not nutella - but amazing) with whip cream and cookie crumbles.

Central Park
After we walked around Times Square for a bit, we wanted to go to Central Park.  We were planning on walking, but it ended up being a little bit further than we anticipated.  We ended up taking an Uber and we got there way faster (and warmer - haha).

All of the trees changing colors with the huge buildings behind them was just so beautiful!

It's amazing how big it is right in the middle of the city!

The area that we came in at had this cute little park for kids to play.  It was so sweet hearing all of the fun, happy kid noises while we walked around!

We climbed up this huge rock to take some pictures.

Want to get a real smile in a picture?  Throw leaves at your friend - haha.

It makes the leaf-thrower smile, too.

Something that was so fun to see were leaves in fall colors!!  We're all used to either green or dead - haha.  There isn't much  in-between in South Georgia!

They also have these cute little bridges and tunnels in Central Park, and a passerby was nice enough to take our picture for us.

Leaving Central Park, we passed all of these horses and carriages.

We got back to the hotel in time to rest some (getting up at 3 am is no joke!) and get ready for our first Broadway show of the trip!

We stayed at the Pod Hotel in Times Square.  We got a two bedroom, and we really had so much room for the three of us.  The hotel isn't actually in Times Square (more like Hell's Kitchen), but it was a great location and close to almost everything!

Broadway Show #1 - Frozen
Our plans for night one were to see Frozen on Broadway!  It was freezing, so I did dress warm, but I threw in some blue to try and be in theme a little bit.

Pumped for our first show!

We had a bit of a hiccup the first night with transportation.  This is when we realized we could (and needed to) schedule Ubers in advance.  We had to walk a ways, but we finally ended up in a cab and headed to dinner before our show.

We were late for our reservations at Thalia's, but they still took us and got us our food in plenty of time for the show.

I just got sweet potato fries for my dinner - and they were seriously the best fries I have ever had.  They were amazing!

After dinner, we walked to the theatre for our show.  We passed some neat stuff on our way!

We made it!

The show was amazing, but I'll be honest.  There were a few parts where I was straight up struggling to stay awake.  Getting up so early + traveling + such a busy day meant that sitting down for a while was taking me out.  Thankfully, we got some candy during intermission to help keep us awake!

No pictures are allowed during the show, but Emily got this one when they were just talking at the end.  Overall, the show was incredible and I really enjoyed the magical "Disney" elements that they put into it!

When we got out of the show, there were police on horseback to help manage the crowd.

That's all for Day 1!  Traveling, Times Square, Central Park, and a Broadway Show - this was a great way to kick off our epic girl's trip!

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