Wednesday, October 3, 2018

September Randoms

August was a really big month of transitions for us.  While we're still getting used to new jobs, new schools, and a new house, I do feel like we are hit our stride more in December.  Here are all of our random things from the month:

I am not a coffee drinker.  Like at all.  But with how much I'm solo with the kids, Momma needs some caffine in my life.  I do drink soda occasionally, but I don't want to drink it more, and I can't stomach it in the morning at all (bleh).  All that to say, I'm trying to force myself into the coffee life!  Right now I can only handle it if it's loaded down and the tastes is hidden - haha.  But I'm working on it!

During planning one day, a teacher let us know that some little boys two houses down from the school were having a lemonade stand.  What do a bunch of teachers do?  Run down there and buy a cup of course!

I've been really stepping up my oils game lately (and we're seeing a great payoff with our wellness!), and I signed up for ER this month (which means I get a monthly order of oils).  I ordered Theives to keep the sickness as far away from us as possible, some Valor to feel brave and confident, and Geneyus for educational support!  Clove was my freebie for the month, but I haven't used it yet!

We had Kayla, Andrew, and Hadley over for dinner one night.  This sweet girl is getting so big (and so crazy cute!)!

I know these don't look amazing, but they turned out yummy and the kids devoured them!  I browned hamburger meat, mixed it with BBQ sauce, and wrapped it up in a crescent roll with shredded cheddar cheese.  It was a hit!

Church ready in blue!

This is one of my favorite healthy things to eat: English Muffin, avocado, and over-easy egg.  So so so good!

We spent some time outside this month riding bikes and scooters and drawing with chalk!


This month also had Homecoming Week!
Monday was Hawaiian Day for me and Survivor Headband day for the kids.

Matt was out of town, so we sent him a "happy morning" picture.

Tuesday was "Camp Day" for the kids.

And Board Game day for me!

One of the new normals in our life: Facetiming Daddy before bed on the days that he is out of town.

Wednesday: Nerd Day for me and Crazy Pants Day for the kids!

Cooper had a big day this month - he FINALLY got on PINK at school!! They have a color chart for behavior, and pink is the highest of the high (and not easy to get to).  I was so proud of him!

To celebrate, we went out to dinner at a place of his choosing - and he picked a favorite for all of us: Surcheros.

I ran in to Rite Aid this month, and came out parked next to this.  Super.  Creepy.

Thursday was Color Wars Day for the kids (Maroon for LL and White for Cooper)

And Senior Day for me!

I looked down the hall and laughed when I saw this: just two old ladies helping each other out.

Friday was Viking Spirit Day!

Sometimes you've got to bribe your kids for a smiling picture with the promise of a silly one after!

One huge difference at my new school?  They are constantly feeding us!  Which is AMAZING (both for my belly and for morale)!  But is also not helping me keep my weightloss off - haha.  One day - we had Chicken Salad Chick waiting for us (which is my FAVORITE)!

While overall I feel like September was a good month, I also delt with my fair share of emotional struggles this month.  My old school gave me this daily motivation calendar as my going away gift, and this one could not have been more perfectly timed.

The memes were also killing it this month.  Here are a few that made me laugh:

There is an authentic Chinese restaurant (authentic as in not like Panda Express) in town that Matt and I used to love like 8 years ago.  They changed owners, and the food changed also, and we seriously haven't been in about 4 years (no joke).  I had a craving for Chinese one night, so we gave it another try.  It wasn't bad, but I can't see myself wanting it again any time soon.

I'm telling you - food all the time!  My team leader is amazing.  My team only has 3 teachers, and one Thursday they were both out (leaving me to the wolves by myself - haha).  The next day my sweet TL had treats for me!

We also had a tailgate that day for the Lowndes/Valdosta game!  Food everywhere!

I haven't been at Hahira long, but already these amazing people feel like family to me (even if I get cut out of pictures - haha).

I signed up as a Bee Club teacher sponsor this year.  At our meeting this month, we all got to go outside and handle the bees for the first time!

Dressed to impress!

Like I mentioned - I struggled some myself this month.  To try and help, Matt scheduled me some much-needed alone time/break/relaxation with a massage.  So great and so needed!

One of my favorite things about my sweet LL is how adventurous she is with eating.  Matt and I got sushi for lunch one day, and LL asked for her own.  She didn't eat it all (and we probably will just get her to share with us next time), but she did eat a good bit!

A $3 hotdog dinner at 6:50 (late for us) at Sam's - is this winning or losing at parenting?

Post to come, but here's a sneak peak!  We bit the bullet this month and got most of the interior of our house painted!  We had planned to do it ourselves, but felt too overwhelemed with several rooms being super tall and open to the 2nd floor.  I am so glad we did this, and the change is incredible!

Goodbye yucky tan, hello soft grey!

The kids are car-riders on Fridays, and they got to hang out (pun intended) with Oma and Opa one Friday!

I had been having some random eye issues for a few weeks, but kept putting it off because it didn't seem to be anything big.  Smart.  I woke up one Sunday and my eye was huge and swollen underneath.  I went the walk-in and got diagnosed with an eye infection.  10 days of putting antibiotic gel in my eye (4x a day), and we're doing better.  Whew.  That was not fun!

When you're doing laundry and you leave it lying around...and your son finds it.  This boy.  At least he knows where it goes, right??

I pray he's never too big to hold my hand (but I know it will come one day).

Matt might be out of town some nights, but I rarely have the bed to myself!

Aspyn does annoy the mess out of me most days, but I will give her credit with this: she is amazing with the kids (and that's all that saves her some days).  When Matt is out of town (and she won't do this when he's home), she goes upstairs with me in the mornings to wake the kids up.  She jumps on their beds, lays on them, and licks them.  It seriously is so so sweet.

I'm telling you!  There's always food at school!

All of the "Bee Teachers" went on a field trip one morning to a local Aipary for bee training!

Cooper Appleseed!

My sister tagged me in this on FB and I couldn't have loved her more!  So appropriate after seeing Backstreet during our Vegas trip!

Picture Day for these two cuties!

She found a snail outside and was over the moon about it.

Just one of those days.

I seriously have the sweetest kids and parents this year.  They take care of me!

This popped up on my TimeHop this month and I was shocked!  Look at how skinny and dark colored Lola was as a baby!

We had a Saturday errand day as a family and ended up at Mellow Mushroom for a yummy lunch!

Wal-Mart grocery pick-up is my new bff.

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself...

(outfit of the day)

Favorite workout leggings: Zella

Dress: from Stitchfix like 2 years ago

Dress: Belk

Top: Nordstrom

Top: Loft

That's a wrap for September!  Hello Fall and all things pumpkin!

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