Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pumpkin Patch 2018

Fall is such a fun season, and I feel like going to the pumpkin patch is our first activity where I feel like "Okay - Fall is officially here".  Cooper and I visited a pumpkin patch on our trip to Atlanta for Fall Break, but we honestly didn't even look at the pumpkins.  We were there for the activities, and I wasn't going to buy one without being with the whole family.

The weather cooled off a little bit, but by the afternoon, it was starting to get a little warmer.  Nothing like visiting the pumpkin patch in shorts - haha.

These two were ready to find the perfect pumpkins!

They both love finding a few small pumpkins just for themselves.  Also - I wonder if this is the last year where they aren't the same height?  Cooper is gaining on LL -- and gaining rapidly.  I think there's a possibility that he may catch up to her next year!

This is real life - Momma measuring a kid while another wanders around with a pumpkin in hand.  :)

My best girl!  It's also not long before she catches up to me in height!

Cooper completely remembered "5 Little Pumpkins" and asked to get a picture on his own!

This boy.  He wears me out and has my heart all at the same time.

And this man tolerates my obsessive pumpkin grabbing and just gently suggests that maybe we should put a few back - haha.

When LL was about 6, we went through a "weird smile" phase.  Well, folks.  Here we are again.

No crazy smile on this beautiful girl!

My whole world!

This was our haul before Matt suggested we take a few out.

A look back through the years!

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